The Lady of the Lake

The Lady of the Lake is most famously known as the sorceress who bestows the sword Excalibur to King Arthur. The famous image tied to her is of one hand holding the sword above the waters of Avalon. In the Arthurian legends she is known by many names, notably Nimue and Vivienne. In some versions… Continue reading The Lady of the Lake

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Rhiannon: Goddess of Sovereignty

In Rhiannon’s legends (written about in the Mabinogion) she presents herself in a dream to Pwyll, a man she wishes to marry. In this dream she was riding a white horse and dressed in gold, with birds hovering around her head. He chases her but can never catch up to her as she is magically… Continue reading Rhiannon: Goddess of Sovereignty

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Ancestor Altars and Veneration

The purpose of an ancestral altar isn't to worship the ancestors, but to honor them as the ones who came before us and gave us life, and to remember them. We are the trees and the ancestors are the roots from which we gain nourishment. Returning to our roots is important, especially for those living… Continue reading Ancestor Altars and Veneration