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Communicating with Spirits Through Music

At the intersection of mindfulness and listening to music, there is a platform which spirits can use to communicate with us. Music reverberates across all planes of existence and acts as a kind of messenger system to and from spirits, wherever they may be. Whether we are paying full attention-- with singularity of mind in… Continue reading Communicating with Spirits Through Music

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Sage Advice

Sage Advice is a weekly column. Send me an email at owlintheoaktarot@gmail.com with your questions or problems for which you need advice (any topic) and see your answers posted. Note: I don't do any divination for this column. Your privacy is always respected! How do you dispose of liquid offerings like coffee, water, etc.? Is… Continue reading Sage Advice


Midnight with the Faeries

I've been watching the Twin Peaks Sequel, which is both compelling and terrifying and contributing to my already erratic sleep schedule. But tonight (tomorrow by the time anyone reads this), I couldn't fall asleep because of an intense and distant longing in my heart.  I lay in bed thinking about the sensitivities and idealism long… Continue reading Midnight with the Faeries


Answers from Rochester’s Resident Witch

Earlier today I encouraged folks on Facebook to submit their questions to me about witch life and witchcraft in order to facilitate education and dialogue because not many people know much about me or the craft. I am in general a very private person, and most people come to me for my listening (and tarot… Continue reading Answers from Rochester’s Resident Witch