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Ancestor Altars and Veneration

The purpose of an ancestral altar isn't to worship the ancestors, but to honor them as the ones who came before us and gave us life, and to remember them. We are the trees and the ancestors are the roots from which we gain nourishment. Returning to our roots is important, especially for those living… Continue reading Ancestor Altars and Veneration


I Am Not a Lightworker

My work consists of coming face to face with what hides in the shadows of the human heart and soul. With Owl Spirit as my guide I enter into the sacred darkness from which our power and life stems, just as the roots of a tree live and our nourished in the dark soil of… Continue reading I Am Not a Lightworker


The Season of the Witch

In autumn we engage in an environment that is dying. We experience the mystery of this preparation, this shedding to become bare and essential as something outside of ourselves to witness. We recognize on some level it's symbolism. We are given the chance to know death as a giver and we celebrate what it gives us.