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Wisdom from The Faeries

I wanted to write something quickly today to share with you today, but when I pulled this card it occurred to me that being quick is really not the purpose. I’m one of those people who have grown accustomed to immediacy, and it’s something I’ve been working to extricate myself from, because immediacy isn’t all… Continue reading Wisdom from The Faeries


September 2017 New Moon Message 

This new moon carries with it some heavy notes from the harvest season. We are encouraged to celebrate the bounty of the harvest: enjoying food and drink, enjoying satisfying relationships, enjoying the fruits of our labors whether physical, mental, spiritual or emotional. There is another side to this, though, and that’s the reality of an […]


October 2017 Full Moon Oracle Reading

The full moon on Thursday, October 5th is in the sign of Aries. We are also in the month of Libra. Aries is a go-getter and Libra is a planner, so this is a good time to flesh out your goals, especially your short term goals. The Singer of Transfiguration assures you that success is… Continue reading October 2017 Full Moon Oracle Reading


Full Moon Oracle September 2017

Great healing is possible this full moon, but it is up to you to make it happen. Below is your Oracle reading for the full moon. May you find what you need. 💚 There is peace and tranquility that come from living honestly, from being truthful about your feelings, dreams, desires, and needs. It is… Continue reading Full Moon Oracle September 2017


Midnight with the Faeries

I've been watching the Twin Peaks Sequel, which is both compelling and terrifying and contributing to my already erratic sleep schedule. But tonight (tomorrow by the time anyone reads this), I couldn't fall asleep because of an intense and distant longing in my heart.  I lay in bed thinking about the sensitivities and idealism long… Continue reading Midnight with the Faeries


August New Moon Message

Happy new moon in Leo! As per usual I pulled three cards to see what the overall message is for everyone for this new moon, and unsurprisingly the message from the faeries is one of courage, dreams, and actions.  Last month's new moon was also in Leo, but this month's new moon has the added… Continue reading August New Moon Message


Faery Tidings for the Aquarius Full Moon 

This full moon in Aquarius asks you to look at your support system and all the ways in which you are connected, and to be totally honest with yourself about how these connections are serving you and serving others.


July New Moon Message

Tomorrow's new moon occurs in Leo at 4:47AM and there not everything is what it seems. If you've been juggling many things, it will all come to a head with this new moon. It's time to see what goes and what stays. You can make something out of the chaos if you're willing to believe… Continue reading July New Moon Message