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Grow your spiritual practice, connect with the lunar cycle, and bring healing into your life with The Moon Ritual subscription.

I personally design each ritual in accordance with the energies of the new and full moon each month. Roughly a week prior to the new moon and the full moon, you’ll receive these rituals directly to your inbox. You can also join the Facebook group for subscribers. This subscription is $10/month.

I have really enjoyed Jessica’s Moon Rituals. I had been feeling drawn to the moon’s energy but was feeling stuck in terms of how to translate this feeling into an action. I needed guidance and structure, and just at the right time, along came the offering from Jessica. I like how the rituals are themed around a concept (Protection, Healing, etc). The rituals typically involve some meditation and/or journalling in combination with the use of tangible objects. This has brought me out of my comfort zone and helped me learn how to advance my spiritual practices. It’s also very fun! I can use these moon rituals at any time – – not just at the time they are being delivered. I am also learning tools that I can use so I can create my own rituals. Jessica is also very thoughtful and writes beautifully, so the rituals are not only a joy to do, but they are a joy to read. I highly recommend!

Paula Nixa

Once you are subscribed, you are welcome to join the Facebook group community to connect, post questions, share your experiences, continue to grow.

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Previous Rituals

September 2022 Rituals

For the new moon ritual we work with mandalas and creativity to bring more happiness into your life. The full moon ritual is a candle ritual designed to help you shed what’s holding you back so that you can show up fully and truly in your life, as you are.


August 2022 Rituals

The full moon ritual is a wealth-drawing ritual. The new moon ritual is a shadow work ritual that will bring healing and allow more abundance and prosperity to flow into your life.


July 2022 Rituals

The full moon ritual focuses on releasing fear, strengthening willpower, and calling in protection. The new moon ritual is working with the spirit of butterfly to release self-sabotaging behaviors.


June 2022 Rituals

Full Moon Ritual- Work with the lunar energy via moon-bathing to enhance your self-confidence and self-love. This ritual helps you cultivates a time of sacred contemplation and connection with your own unique energy using glamour and ambience to enhance and empower your experience. New Moon- This ritual is healing with the Rose. Rose is traditionally connected with midsummer, and there are many myths around this timeless botanical. We will explore some of the myths, and you’ll learn how to cultivate your own connection to this ancient, divine wisdom.


May 2022 Rituals

The new moon ritual is a road opening and blessing ritual that can be applied really anytime that you’re embarking on something new in your life. The full moon ritual is a healing ritual that is specific to working with lunar energy and all four elements to bring healing that you need. You’ll focus on one aspect of yourself that needs healing, and this ritual utilizes all 3 nights of the full moon.


April 2022 Rituals

The full moon ritual is focused on building on confidence. The new moon ritual is focused on increasing your ancestral connections