Maggie hulu psychic review
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A Psychic’s Review of “Maggie”

It’s really difficult for me to find television shows that I am genuinely excited about, but one episode into Maggie and I was hooked.

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Wisdom from The Faeries

I wanted to write something quickly today to share with you today, but when I pulled this card it occurred to me that being quick is really not the purpose. I’m one of those people who have grown accustomed to immediacy, and it’s something I’ve been working to extricate myself from, because immediacy isn’t all… Continue reading Wisdom from The Faeries

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Toxic Spirituality and the Comparison Trap

The comparison trap is an ugly thing that can pervade all areas of our life if we allow it. It thrives on insecurity and low self-esteem. In the spiritual community, sometimes it thrives as a direct result of certain people trying to make us feel like we are less than them. Less spiritual, less committed,… Continue reading Toxic Spirituality and the Comparison Trap

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Channeled Messages for the Full Hare Moon- May 2019

This month's full moon is occurring in the sign of Scorpio, which will amplify our natural intuitive tendencies and bring to the surface issues that have been percolating below our radars. Issues related to wellbeing, trust, discipline, power, and healing are likely to arise and can be overcome during this time. It is a time… Continue reading Channeled Messages for the Full Hare Moon- May 2019