Maggie hulu psychic review
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A Psychic’s Review of “Maggie”

It’s really difficult for me to find television shows that I am genuinely excited about, but one episode into Maggie and I was hooked.


Trust Yourself

This is a repost from my other blog over at Jascha Botanicals. Please subscribe there for more content. Penelope Dreamweaver from the Faeries Oracle I don’t believe in the law of attraction, but I do believe that we co-create our lives with the universe. I do believe that we have a say. We have a… Continue reading Trust Yourself

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Wisdom from The Faeries

I wanted to write something quickly today to share with you today, but when I pulled this card it occurred to me that being quick is really not the purpose. I’m one of those people who have grown accustomed to immediacy, and it’s something I’ve been working to extricate myself from, because immediacy isn’t all… Continue reading Wisdom from The Faeries


Choosing the Right Spiritual Practitioner

March is my birthday month, and one of the gifts I got for myself was a psychic reading with my friend Josh Simonds. Even though I am a tarot reader and have been practicing the intuitive arts for most of my life, I still have blind spots. It’s not at all unlike therapists seeing their own… Continue reading Choosing the Right Spiritual Practitioner

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Toxic Spirituality and the Comparison Trap

The comparison trap is an ugly thing that can pervade all areas of our life if we allow it. It thrives on insecurity and low self-esteem. In the spiritual community, sometimes it thrives as a direct result of certain people trying to make us feel like we are less than them. Less spiritual, less committed,… Continue reading Toxic Spirituality and the Comparison Trap


Being the Anxious Witch

There’s no doubt that certain ways of thinking are unhelpful and can make us miserable. Feeding thought energy into the worst case scenarios, excessive worry, panic, and so on are difficult to live with and are an energy suck. When it comes to magickal workings, it’s important to believe in what you’re doing. But what […]


September 2017 New Moon Message 

This new moon carries with it some heavy notes from the harvest season. We are encouraged to celebrate the bounty of the harvest: enjoying food and drink, enjoying satisfying relationships, enjoying the fruits of our labors whether physical, mental, spiritual or emotional. There is another side to this, though, and that’s the reality of an […]