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Jessica Jascha is a tarot reader and writer living in Minnesota. She began studying witchcraft and tarot at the age of 9 and has been continuing on this path, with a few detours, ever since. She is experienced in tarot and divination, shadow work, folk magic with an emphasis on the practical (and results driven), spirit work, dream work and journeying, meditation. She is currently studying clinical herbalism.

Her spiritual path is the path of Faerie and is founded on ancestral veneration and animism. She loves gardening, reading, and spending time with family. You can find her on Facebook.

Jessica writes for Patheos Pagan under the blog “Night Owl Meditations,” and she also writes for “Witch Way Magazine.”

Appearances and Publications:

Faith Talk Show with Regina Mustafa

Interfaith Thanksgiving Service at Christ United Methodist

Witch Way Magazine

Night Owl Meditations

KROC Tarot Reading

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