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Wisdom from The Faeries

I wanted to write something quickly today to share with you today, but when I pulled this card it occurred to me that being quick is really not the purpose. I’m one of those people who have grown accustomed to immediacy, and it’s something I’ve been working to extricate myself from, because immediacy isn’t all that natural and the desire for it usually requires the sacrifice of something better. I’d rather have the right thing in time than the wrong thing now.

I usually want things to happen right now as an abatement to anxiety, and because of a lack of trust in the truth that my blessings can’t be taken away from me. It’s an active effort for me to remind myself to relax and to trust the process and to remember that I am loved and that all will be well.

When I feel like rushing, anxiously pushing, trying to move things along faster than they are meant to be going, I look to the trees. I look to the network of plant life around me and remember their seasons, and remember that I also have my seasons. Life takes time. Creating takes time. Sustainability takes time. A time of waiting is also a time of preparation. It’s a time to gain knowledge, to watch signs, learn to recognize patterns, to check the map so we can be sure footed. The rain falls because it must, and it does so in its own time. We can trust the same for ourselves.

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