September 2017 New Moon Message 

This new moon carries with it some heavy notes from the harvest season. We are encouraged to celebrate the bounty of the harvest: enjoying food and drink, enjoying satisfying relationships, enjoying the fruits of our labors whether physical, mental, spiritual or emotional. There is another side to this, though, and that’s the reality of an ending. Everything that grows also dies. Nothing stays the same. When the harvest season comes, summer is ending. The autumn equinox is this Friday, and as of Saturday we will be moving into the darker days of the year. You are encouraged to rest within this new moon energy and take stock of all aspects of your life. 

This new moon encourages you to dream, to envision your life from here on out. Though all things change and all must come to an end, that death clears space for new life and vibrancy. Give yourself the space to receive inspiration. This is a time to really get in touch with your heart and your needs and your dreams, to manifest from your inner light. Pay attention to the small voice within that gently guides you. Let it shape the direction of your life. 

You may find yourself experiencing a breakthrough as these lessons settle in. You may have been feeling like you’ve hit a streak of bad luck, or as if you’ve been progressing through life on a road made of molasses. Ask yourself what lessons are there for you to take away from this experience. As you envision your life and leave behind what has died, you will come into a new level of being. This new moon marks a threshold, both in the outer world in the form of the changing seasons, and in your inner world in the form of the changing of self. 
Have a blessed new moon 🖤 🌚

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