Court Cards and Fictional Characters

Recently I was meditating with the King of Cups when I had a revelation… in the Joie De Vivre Tarot, the King of Cups looks exactly like Mr. O’Neill from the show Daria (if you’ve never heard of Daria you’re missing out on 90’s gold).

Not only does the King of Cups look just like Mr. O’Neill, he also embodies the character. Mr. O’Neill is Mr. Sensitivity. He’s in a leadership position, he wants the students to be emotionally healthy and is all about expressing feelings. 

Often in learning the court cards teachers will have you consider people you know who you feel embody the characteristics of the card. I always found this difficult because no one fits exactly. However, TV characters or book characters? That’s a lesson in learning the court cards I can get behind! 

I decided that in the realm of Daria, her mom would represent the Queen of Wands. Mr. Demartino would represent the King of Swords (I associate the king of Swords with angry men). Ms. Barch would be the Queen of Swords, Ms. Defoe would be the Queen of Cups, Angela Li would be the Queen of Pentacles, Daria’s dad would be the King of Wands. 

That’s about as far as I got in my character to court card comparisons (how about that alliteration?) for Daria. What fictional characters fit the bill of the different court cards for you? 

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