Choosing the Right Spiritual Practitioner

March is my birthday month, and one of the gifts I got for myself was a psychic reading with my friend Josh Simonds. Even though I am a tarot reader and have been practicing the intuitive arts for most of my life, I still have blind spots. It’s not at all unlike therapists seeing their own therapists. It’s often very necessary. I trust Josh, and I’m right to do so. He gave me a reading I really needed and my spiritual support system was loud and clear. 

Blind spots are such an interesting phenomenon. It’s like being out in the summer and having little gnats swarming your face. They are almost imperceptible, yet you know they are there and that they are an endless source of irritation. Good luck getting away from them. That’s what my life was like up until a couple of days ago. I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone read me so clearly before in my entire life, and it was a gift I needed. 

Sometimes we just need someone to tell us the things we already know. Sometimes, we just need to hear the words from an actual live person’s mouth in order for it to really sink in. When I think about how obtuse I’d been, and willfully at that, it’s almost comical. Much of my reading was admitting that I received a message and didn’t heed it. At the time I didn’t admit to Josh that I received the message that I needed a reading from him and put it off for another couple of months. When he reads this he’s going to shake his head at me. 

Anyway, we all need trusted people we can turn to when we know things aren’t going exactly right. We all need a support system, a referral system. We all need teachers and mentors and community. I think the pandemic really highlighted this. Who do you turn to when you need someone to tell you like it is? 

A good reader will give you the medicine you need. It won’t always be a happy experience. You’ll hear things that may be difficult to hear, but you should also walk away feeling edified. There should be a resounding truth echoing within you afterward, a sense of empowerment. Someone who is committed to their path of helping others heal will be this kind of reader for you. Be discerning about who you trust. Healing cannot occur without trust. 

One of the things I’ve finally committed to moving on with is a new subscription service. I’m creating rituals for the new moon and for the full moon each month, with the purpose of helping you to curate some time in your life for ceremony and ritual. April’s offerings are an ancestral communication ritual for the new moon and a confidence ritual for the full moon. To learn more and to subscribe, click here.

I’m still offering readings by email only. At this point in my life, I’m unable to commit to face to face or even zoom readings due to other responsibilities. If you’d prefer an audio file I can absolutely do that for you, but a PDF is the current standard. Perhaps when I’m all settled and can carve out a block of time each week, I can resume zoom readings. In the meantime, if you want to work with me for a reading, click here

It’s my hope that everyone who reads this is doing well. I know I’d gone quiet for a while. I’m in school for clinical herbalism and this takes up much of my time, in addition to just living my life. I’m excited to get back into blogging to continue to share my reflections with you. I always welcome your comments and connection. You can comment here or find me on facebook

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