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Channeled Messages for the Full Hare Moon- May 2019

This month’s full moon is occurring in the sign of Scorpio, which will amplify our natural intuitive tendencies and bring to the surface issues that have been percolating below our radars. Issues related to wellbeing, trust, discipline, power, and healing are likely to arise and can be overcome during this time. It is a time when personal transformation can be achieved in areas of life that have been centers of struggle.

The spirit of Hare will bring to this full moon issues and assistance with regards to crossroads (personal crossroads or crossroads you may be facing in different areas of your life), desires, cycles, relationships, and spiritual work of all kinds (psychic, shamanic, receiving spiritual messages, witchcraft). Call on this spirit to assist you with what you’re going through. Hare is a wonderful companion for moon magick.

To amplify any workings for this full moon, the stones of carnelian, garnet, and tourmaline are likely to be especially helpful for your intentions.

Below are the messages I’ve channeled for you to assist you as you move through this full moon. You can read for just your sun sign, and reading for your moon sign and rising sign in addition to your sun sign may provide a fuller spectrum of guidance and clarity for you.

~Channeled Messages~

Draw on your fiery energy to bring into being that which you desire. Ensure that your aim is true to what will be fulfilling for you, trust that it will all work out, and give space and time for it to manifest. Go within and listen, seeking clarity for your path at this time. If you need help, ask for it. Nourish yourself with plenty of sunlight and physical activity to keep your energy clear and your mind uplifted.


Mental activity is especially strong for you during this time, which could bubble over into anxiety and feeling overwhelmed. Take the time to sort your thoughts and feelings instead of allowing them to run roughshod over you. Trust your intuition, which will be especially strong, when it comes to what needs to go in your life. You may find it’s time to push away certain people or circumstances that are not good for you. Know that you can do this and everything will turn out ok in the end.


Take courage and step outside of your comfort zone. Try new things and don’t be held back by fear of failure. Revel in gratitude for the things that are going well without fear for how things will be tomorrow. Take your experiences one step at a time. You are outgrowing old ways of being and relating, and you are being encouraged to open your mind to bigger and better possibilities. Take a well thought out leap of faith.


Focus on building mutually supportive relationships and on doing the work that is necessary to have the kind of community you wish for in your life. It will take effort, but effort consists of many small daily actions which create a whole lot of amazing in the long term. Reach out for the support you need and provide the support that is asked of from you from those you love. This is a time to strengthen good and healthy bonds.


Hold on to hope, hold on to your dreams, and know that whatever storms you’re facing will soon pass. Consider what these experiences may be trying to teach you, and how they could be preparing you for adventures that are to come in your life. Don’t get bogged down by difficulties, instead, seek new experiences to fortify you. Trust that everything will work out one way or another, and set your fears down.


Focus on curbing all unhelpful tendencies within yourself, whether it’s in destructive ways that you respond to life or any other man of overindulgence that is harmful to you in the long run. What you seek can’t be found in anything outside of yourself. Connect to your higher power, your higher self, and you will find fulfillment and wholeness through the energies that the universe feeds your soul. It’s time to bring a sense of moderation and deeper responsibility to your life. Don’t run from this challenge.


Something may occur that feels off on a deep level for you, and it’s important that you don’t ignore this warning bell. Your intuition is your greatest ally, so trust it and listen. You may find you need to defend yourself or someone/something you care about. Call upon the support of your ancestors and spirit allies and rise to the challenge. The inspiration you need for handling everything in your life is at your fingertips. Know that you are protected and do what is necessary to maintain your boundaries.


Proceed with caution and avoid the traps of self-pity and self-condemnation. Emotions may be troubling and it may be difficult to see what you truly have in front of you, but it’s important that you keep yourself from spiraling. Don’t feed the difficult emotions with negative thoughts. Take extra care of yourself and be kind and compassionate toward yourself. Give yourself space to feel your feelings, but don’t give them more value than they deserve. They tell you something about your experience, but they are not what defines you. So take care of your thoughts, and take responsibility for your beliefs about yourself. You can change them if they’re making you miserable.


To avoid some unnecessary and desire-driven pitfalls, a bit of humility will go a long way. Release pride-related desires and aim to see all things for what they truly are. Don’t ignore any warning bells because you’re too wrapped up in what you want to see that what appears to be super amazing isn’t exactly what it seems. Look beyond what others are tying to show you, look deeper. This is not a time for self-aggrandizing either. Make truth your deepest goal and you will remain on the right path.


It’s going to take courage to move forward in a new direction, and it’s going to take courage to be patient in finding that new direction. Know that you don’t have to, and shouldn’t, rush anything, but that you will still need to make moves at some point. It takes a deep courage to trust the process in your life and to sit back and allow things to unfold a bit. Don’t create unnecessary stress with worry that you have to arrive at your destination now. Everything that truly matters takes a bit of time.


Stay out of your own way and allow everything to unfold naturally. You’ll find that you can easily adapt to your experiences and circumstances when you’re not trying to push an agenda or force things happen. Everything in nature accomplishes what it does by being true to itself and living in that truth without complication. There is wisdom in this for you.


Adversity often accompanies initiation. You’ll need to face your life with trust and courage to move through the difficult times, to breakthrough to peace. No matter the circumstances, you always have the ability to grow. No matter how difficult, you have within you the resources to thrive. Tap into the universal energy of love and compassion to help see you through.

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