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Channeled Messages for the New Moon in Taurus- May 2019

May’s new moon in Taurus this Saturday is a call come back down to earth and take care of our bodies and physical needs. The energy of Taurus prompts us to ask what’s missing from our lives, and where we could use more stability. Where have we been all work and no play? How can we bring more joy to our lives? Utilize this energy for bringing a grounded comfort to your life, to lay solid plans and foundations.

Below are the messages from the spirits that I’ve channeled for you by zodiac sign.

New Moon Message from the Spirits: You have choices to make, and none of them are risk free. It’s difficult to see what’s ahead right now. Don’t try to force anything. Focus instead on how everything is connected, and what connections you need to foster to be where you want to be- whether these are connections with yourself, with the spirit world, or with people around you. In the question of what’s missing, the answer lies in connections that need tending. This new moon is presenting you with an opportunity. It’s time to move into new experiences, and trust that everything will be ok, that you will be ok.

New Moon Message from the Spirits: This new moon heralds a time of success and achievement for you, but this time also requires humility in the face of change. You didn’t get where you are all by yourself. Acknowledge the help and accomplishments of those around you. Enjoy these threshold moments before moving on to the next thing. You’ve earned it, you deserve it, rejoice in it.

New Moon Message from the Spirits: It’s imperative that you listen to your guides and the voice of your intuition at this time, otherwise you may be prone to self-destructive tendencies. What you want is likely to cloud what is actually best for you, and it will take immense courage to subdue your desires and choose yourself and your wellbeing above them. If you don’t, it will create bigger problems for you later. This is not the time to suddenly become hard of hearing toward the warning bells. Listen, and save yourself future heartache.

New Moon Message from the Spirits: Attend to the everyday details of your life and don’t leave things for tomorrow. At this time it’s best to stay on top of things, handling the little things you’ve been putting off so that you can be totally free to adventure out and have fun. Your desire for new experiences is likely to be strong at this time. Listen to it, but don’t blow your life apart to make it happen. Attend to the details so that your sense of stability is preserved for the future.

New Moon Message from the Spirits: You’re way too hard on yourself, and it’s sucking the joy right out of your life. Be kind and compassionate toward yourself and drop the overly ambitious drive that’s making you feel like crap or like a failure. Life is more than achievements. Let your happiness be rooted in yourself for who you are, not the things you do. Take the time to enjoy the gifts of everyday life, and stop being mean to yourself. If others are contributing to the unkind voices in your head, tell them to shut up and knock it off, or get packing. You don’t need to surround yourself with anyone who makes you feel badly about yourself.

New Moon Message from the Spirits: It’s especially important to pay attention to your dreams and the little voice in the back of your head at this time. You may be facing some adversity, but you have what it takes to get through it. Be resourceful and trust yourself. Trust the spirits who support you. Think outside the box, and keep your eye on the bigger picture. This too shall pass.

New Moon Message from the Spirits: A bit of focus on romance and fun is in order for you. Go do something out of the ordinary and brighten up your life with vibrant new experiences. Accept your blessings without worry or concern, and let yourself enjoy life. There’s no need to be looking out for the next crisis. Look instead at all the goodness that’s in front of you, and take it at face value for what it is.

New Moon Message from the Spirits: You’ve got a lot going on, a lot to focus on, and it’s important to stay in your own lane at this time. Keep your eye on your priorities. It’s likely someone will try to distract you with drama, or you may deal with someone who wants what’s yours. Defend yourself as necessary, but don’t get caught up in any unnecessary long-term entanglements. Whatever situations you face that feel impossible have solutions. Don’t back down when it comes to what’s important to you.

New Moon Message from the Spirits: This is a time of immense growth for you! Though this is likely to include some difficulties, the rewards are just around the corner. Keep an attitude of expectant gratitude, be patient, and keep doing what you’re doing. As best as you can, keep a light heart, as well. Your comfort within your own skin, and confidence in yourself and your abilities are essentials.

New Moon Message from the Spirits: Fostering a generous heart is imperative at this time. Generosity is not only about money or material things, but an attitude and way of looking at the world. Believing the best in someone (and yourself) is an act of generosity. Extending kindness or forgiveness is an act of generosity. Giving the benefit of the doubt is an act of generosity. You have the strength and the ability to stand up for yourself when needed. Foster the strength that comes from keeping your heart open and kind despite how others may act.

New Moon Message from the Spirits: Bring some balance back into your life by prioritizing your relationships. Doing the work that you do does matter, but it’s not all that there is and it’s important not to get too swept up in the need to complete things at the expense of other areas of your life that matter. Your drive is admirable, but it will drive you into the ground if you allow it and who will be there if all of your relationships have long fallen to the wayside?

New Moon Message from the Spirits: Practice patience and don’t be hasty to make decisions at this time. Not everything is as it seems. You need to take a closer look. Spend time in contemplation, connect with the natural world around you, give yourself space to find clarity so that your focus can be true. Look below the surface of the situations you face and the relationships you are in. You’ll miss important details that will matter later on if you skin the surface and move too quickly through life.

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