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Channeled Messages for the New Moon in Aries- April 2019

Double the fire, double the energy with this April new moon in Aries. Independence and innovation are the themes, and likely this Aries energy will light a fire under you with regard to important areas of your life that need to see some change.

Below are the messages from the spirits that I’ve channeled for you by zodiac sign. You can read for just your sun sign, or you can include your moon sign and rising sign as well if you feel so inclined. There’s no hard and fast rule.

This is a time of initiation for you. Setbacks and delays are about to lead to breakthrough, but you need tenacity if you’re going to get to the other side of things and come out on top. Let your values guide you and don’t give up. Cultivate patience and trust, and keep your eye on your goal. Often when we want things, we have to be the ones to change in order to receive them. Don’t fool yourself into believing that whatever mundane goal you have isn’t about your spiritual health and growth. We don’t do anything independent of our spiritual natures. Consider what virtues of spirit will help you along the way, and be tenacious. Transcendence is at hand.

This new moon brings you back to basics and asks you to examine the fundamentals of your life, such as who makes up your community, whether everyone in your life is doing their part, whether or not you’re doing the work of taking care of yourself and completing the basic tasks that lend peace to your life. Sometimes life can feel like it’s all about the big things, but your foundation is built on many small things working together. Ensure that you don’t neglect any of them. The most mundane task can bring you joy if you see it with appreciative eyes.

You get by with a little help from your friends, so stop acting like you need to go it alone. The “island” metaphor for loners is a misnomer. Even if you were an island, you would still be supported by the body of water around and under you, and all the life that resides on you, and the sun above you. Not one of us is ever entirely independent no matter how we appear or what we think. Don’t isolate from your support system (spiritual or physical). Focus a bit of energy on giving support as well as allowing yourself to receive it. This is the way to balance. Take a long view and recognize that your problems are fleeting but the true support system you have is solid and enduring. Don’t get bogged down by difficulties and isolate. There’s too much joy to be had in every single day.

Explore the mysteries within yourself and the world around you. This is a time to expand your knowledge and indulge your curiosity. This is a time to pursue understanding of yourself and the world around you, without judgment. Transcend your fear of what anyone else may think and speak truthfully from within yourself. Recognize the mystery of communication. What you put out for the world is received through the individual lens of those you communicate with, and they may or may not hear what you are really saying, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t say it, because communication is a form of transformation. Great healing can come especially at this time from endeavoring to understand, explore, and speak with honesty.

This fire energy is especially potent for you, and with this new moon brings the chance to make some real and lasting changes with ease. This is an especially magical time for you, where manifestation is heavily supported by the energies around you, so be careful what you focus on and bring into being. See into the paradoxes of life so that you can transcend them and not be limited by rigid thinking. If you want to make changes, this is a potent time to do so. Use the energy wisely.

Ritual can help you be open to the natural flow of the energies in your life and in the universe. Develop and practice rituals that bring you a sense of peace and objectivity, such as meditation or nature walking. You have to gain mastery of yourself before you can effect any real and lasting changes beyond yourself. Give yourself permission to do what comes naturally specifically when it comes to spiritual endeavors. Get out of your own way.

The Spirits are cautioning you to avoid self-pity and defeatist attitudes at this time. It doesn’t help you or anyone else to engage in these types of indulgences. It blinds you to the good in your life, and prevents you from taking positive action. You are being challenged to turn adversity into opportunity and to make the most of whatever is at your disposal at this time. Instead of concerning yourself about what you don’t have, focus on making the most of what you do have, and finding a way to thrive with it. You have the capacity and resources to do so. Don’t waste them on the wrong attitude.

Connection and adaptation are the keys to your success at this time. You have to give a little to get a little. It’s important that you remember that your actions affect many people, not just yourself, and to act with a generosity of spirit because of it. It is also important that you roll with the punches. You may find some of the connections you have need to be cut for you to live with health and happiness. Do so, and keep your defenses up where you feel it is necessary. Changes are coming, and you have the ability to adapt that you must utilize. Take care of yourself, and don’t let anyone make you feel bad for doing so.

You may find yourself dealing with some tender issues at this time, and it’s important that you slow down and don’t rush through or into anything. This is a time to take it slow and feel things out. Be prudent. Some things in your life may need further examination or investigation. Some areas of your life that require healing may make themselves known. You are being advised to face these things, and to be gentle with yourself, and to not try to force anything. Give yourself the space and time that you need.

Examine your desires and don’t overdo anything. The fiery energy of this new moon may spark an inclination to overindulge in things that aren’t necessarily good for you in the long-run. Keep things in balance for yourself. Be loyal to your values and let them be what centers you in yourself, let them be your compass. You may feel that there are too many things out of your control, but you always have control over your choices. Find your foundation within yourself.

Expect illumination and clarity, especially in regards to things that have been causing you anxiety and keeping you awake at night. Examine your fears and worries. What are they really pointing to? Seek to find the truth under the fear and concern. When you do so, the fears and anxieties will dissipate. Take the blinders off and clear your mind. You are supported gaining a healthier and clearer perspective on things, and on releasing bad habits. Utilize the energy available to make positive changes.

Pay attention to the little voice in the back of your mind that is guiding you and giving you inspiration. Intuition isn’t loud and set apart, it is quiet and unassuming guidance. Listen especially for inspiration on ways to be helpful to others at this time, and look for ways to use your own gifts and abilities to contribute to the wellbeing of those around you. You have a unique opportunity to make a big difference for someone else. It will necessarily make a difference for you, as well.

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