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Channeled Messages for the Full Storm Moon- March 2019

The Storm Full Moon in wild and fickle March occurs at a time of balance over the Spring Equinox, heralding a time of both change and balance that is in alignment with the virtues of Libra.

I’ve channeled a message of guidance for the full storm moon for each zodiac sign. Scroll through to find your sign and consider how to channel this full moon energy in conjunction with your message.

I’ve had questions in the past about which sign to read for, and my advice is first, to follow your intuition. You can read for just your your sun sign, or you can read for your sun sign, moon sign, and rising sign. It’s up to you.

As always, if the message for you resonates please share the post so that others can also receive their messages.

Full Moon Blessings!

P.S. – March is the birthday month of Owl in the Oak Tarot (and my birthday month) and in celebration I’m doing a giveaway for an Oracle deck over on Facebook for those who may be interested!

Slow down. Your season is just beginning, and this is a time that requires patience from you, as well as deeper examination into yourself, your life, your goals, and your values. This is a time to build, so ensure that your foundation is solid. What you want to create for yourself in work, relationships, spiritual growth, and other areas of life will require patience and a long view in order to be successful. Remember also that the strength of a tree is a result of its underlying community. No living being on this planet thrives on its own without the help of other beings. Honor your support system and give thanks.

You are likely to experience some unnerving changes, whether in your physical reality or your worldview. The key here, no matter what comes your way, is to roll with the punches. Life is growth and adaptation, and the spirits want you to get comfortable with that truth. It is very human to desire permanency, but all things change with time. Resistance is not your friend. Accept everything as it is, including yourself, and adapt according to the reality of the way things are instead of the way you want things to be.

Indecision, flip flopping, and endlessly analyzing are digging you into a deep rut. You can’t think your way to security, nor can you be guaranteed any result for a decision you make or a path you take. Embrace the mystery. Trust yourself and your spirits. Make the decisions that need to be made with the faith that whatever happens, you will be OK. You’ve made it this far haven’t you? Give yourself enough time to weigh your options, then act. Remember that not making a decision itself a decision which will lead to its own consequences.

Listen to your inner guidance and follow your own path. You don’t have to try to live up to anyone else’s expectations or standards. This is a time where deep self-reflection will be of great benefit to you. Spend time in nature, go to a spa, take a salt bath, explore the natural world around you and the world within you for greater understanding and growth. Even the littlest of experiences can teach you great things. Don’t discount anyone or anything based on dubious preconceived notions. Be open to learning about your true self in relation to the world, and watch your whole life expand.

A light-hearted and trusting approach to your life will serve you best right now. Don’t take anything super seriously. Inject some play into your days somewhere in between all of your responsibilities. This is advice that comes on the back of a warning about burnout. Trust life a little more, and step lightly. Sometimes the best thing for you is to take your mind off of what you’re driving so hard for, and focus on what truly feeds and sustains you, giving your attention to the real blessings in life.

Touching the sacred can only occur when you are open and you put your defenses down. At this time, defensiveness is your worst enemy. It’s important for you to understand how others are receiving your actions and words, and what you are creating for yourself as a result. Recognize what you hold sacred in your life and build upon it. Is family sacred to you? Friendship? Your spiritual path? Prioritize accordingly.

This is a time of auspicious new beginnings, but it’s important that you don’t rush the process. Protect what is growing in your life. Protect the important things, and your blessings, from the unwelcome criticism of others which can ruin what you’re doing for you and set you back in your progress. Trust and be patient. Everything you’ve been working towards will come to fruition in its perfect time.

This is a time of growth for you that has much to do with what you’re getting out and doing. Enjoy the adventure of life for what it is. Utilize your gifts and talents in ways you haven’t considered before. Try new things. Be open and forget all your cares for what anyone else may think. This life is yours to live. Don’t be hindered by the opinions of others. Make it a point to expand your world. If you’ve been considering travels, the spirits are saying go for it.

You’ve been pretty active, but the spirits are concerned about whether or not you’ve been balancing it out with adequate downtime. Your sense of duty is strong. Don’t forget your obligations to yourself and your own wellbeing. Things are about to get much busier for you, so now is the time to incorporate real downtime into your life. Your active energy is great, but you need to rest as well. A calm mind goes a long way in avoiding the pitfalls of miscommunication and unnecessary confrontation especially as a result of stress. A calm mind is a result of real self-care, taking a step back when necessary, handling life one thing at a time, and not overdoing things.

Take an honest look at your life and all that you have in it. Look at your relationships, your activities, your health, your your happiness, your sense of wellbeing, your possessions, all that you have, and recognize your abundance. Shifting your mind to a perspective of gratitude will increase your sense of abundance. If you aren’t really happy, take an honest look at why that is. Take a look at what you value most. Wealth, possessions, and status are a tiny facet of what abundance really is. You are more, and you have more, than you may even realize.

This is a great time to take a risk you’ve been considering. There are never any guarantees, but the timing is auspicious for you anyway. Growth requires risk. If you want to see yourself in a different place than where you currently are, that won’t happen without some kind of leap of faith along the way. This is a time of creative chaos where anything can come out of where you are at right now. Take advantage and harness this energy with courage. Be determined in your convictions and embrace the natural curve of growth in your life.

You can manifest what you want and what you need, but clarity is required to know truly what these things are. You will need to go deeper and deal with the issues, trauma, and pain underneath in order to bring about real and lasting change. Give yourself the gift of self love and do some things for you that stimulate positive self-esteem. Whether that’s redecorating a room, buying a new outfit, or trying on confidence each day, you can find your life is greatly enhanced by loving yourself for who you are and seeing the miracle of yourself clearly. As you love yourself, you attract the right people and opportunities to you. Self-love is the greatest gift you can give to yourself, and you do deserve it.

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