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Channeled Messages for the New Moon in Pisces- March 2019

The Pisces New Moon is almost upon us and this watery energy makes it a good time for honest reflection, cutting through deceit, finding clarity, and getting comfortable with uncomfortable emotions.

Scroll through to find your sign and the channeled message from the Spirits for you for this new moon.

As always, if the message for you resonates please share the post so that others can also receive their messages.

Blessed New Moon everyone! Ride the waves.

Aries New Moon Message from the Spirits: You have strong spiritual protection over you at this time, and you are deeply encouraged to listen to your intuition. The things that have been causing you trouble are likely to transition into opportunities for joy, but you need to be present to actually secure these blessings. So no wallowing in the past, and watch out for rigidity in your perspective. The spirits want you to focus your energy and attention on what brings you joy, and they are assuring you that protection is yours and that it is safe to do so. It is also imperative that you remain prudent, and make efforts to protect your time, energy, creativity, and other internal resources. You get to decide how these internal resources are spent. They are valuable, and not everyone is worthy.

Taurus New Moon Message from the Spirits: Self-pity and depression are likely to hover around you during this watery new moon, swirling up all kinds of emotions that can feel overwhelming. Watch your thoughts and the stories you tell yourself about who you are, your life, your value and your purpose. Resist the temptation to compare yourself to others and to tear yourself down. You determine the quality of your life and the measure of your happiness. Face the emotions that crop up during this time with acceptance and open arms, seek to understand them, and channel them into creative and constructive endeavors so that they can be transformed and reflect the beauty that is you. Remember that you can feel an emotion without attaching a value or unkind story to it. Emotions are neither good or bad, they just are.

Gemini New Moon Message from the Spirits: This is a time of initiation for you that will require all your strength and inner resources. It is a time when some things that you thought were necessary will pass away from your life. It is a time of answers and breakthrough, and a time of release. You’ve been holding on to some outmoded ways of being, thinking, acting, and even some outmoded relationships. You are growing and not everyone/everything is growing with you. Expect flashes of insight but know that all of this will come with a price, and that price is letting go of what must be released. Be gentle and compassionate with yourself during this time, and focus your energy. It is soon time to move forward in a new way. Prepare yourself.

Cancer New Moon Message from the Spirits: Focus your energy as best as you can during this time, as it is likely to be elevated, ungrounded and scattered. You have the opportunity to make great strides in areas of life that are most important to you right now if you can bring your energy to focused center. Be resourceful to get what you need. Don’t squander this extra energy boost on dramatics or activities that elevate others at the expense of yourself. Stay in your own lane and grow.

Leo New Moon Message from the Spirits: Everything is temporary, that don’t excuse nothing (the spirits are quoting one of my favorite movies here, Moonstruck). Put in the effort to to be top of your game, work hard to become a master at what is most important to you, and do it by the book. The dreams you have will not simply realize themselves and cutting any corners will impede your success and progress. Just because the days pass and life is transitory doesn’t mean it’s ok for you to squander your potential. Apply that “this too shall pass” thinking to the obstacles and get serious about what matters to you.

Virgo New Moon Message from the Spirits: Times of adversity reveal character as well as priorities. You’ve lost some things that are important to you in life, and the universe is showing you the way, but it’s not without difficulties. Adversity brings growth and is a necessary part of life. Listen to what these obstacles are telling you about what it takes to get what you want. Use your words and communicate with the right people to smooth the way. There’s no room for insincerity here. This new moon is presenting you with the opportunity to make grow something from the ash of burnt bridges. But you have to be your best self to make it so.

Libra New Moon Message from the Spirits: Self-care and staying grounded in the present moment are what this new moon is all about for you. What you’re currently experiencing in life requires much inner strength to move through, and that strength comes from feeding your spirit with kindness and compassion and gentleness. Remain grounded and draw upon your inner confidence. Take things one step at a time. Don’t concern yourself with comparisons to others. Your life is about you.

Scorpio New Moon Message from the Spirits: Expect clarity with this new moon especially in regards to relationships (relationship with yourself & with others). This is a time of of emotional growth and expansion. This is a time where an important relationship can really get off the ground, but you must be clear about what you want. Any illusions or self-deceit will fall away at this time, so you may as well commit to seeing the truth in all things.

Sagittarius New Moon Message from the Spirits: Have courage! No matter what you’re experiencing you have the necessary inner resources to move through it and get to the other side. This is a challenging time of growth for you and anxiety may be at the helm, but you are bigger than fear. Don’t even give fear a seat at the table right now. Know that your strength of character is stronger than anything you may go through and experience. Be confident within yourself and embrace what’s happening in your life in the here and now. You’ve got this.

Capricorn New Moon Message from the Spirits: Indecision, anxiety, and overthinking just wont do for you. Gather all the necessary facts, compare the information, quiet your mind, and make a decision. No choice comes with any guarantee. You just have it have some faith and trust in yourself to make the right decisions. Not making a decision is still a decision, so if you’re going that route make sure it’s right for you. It’s OK to commit.

Aquarius New Moon Message from the Spirits: Wisdom is not wisdom without humility. There are lessons to be learned, and it is important to know what you bring to the table, but it’s just as important to recognize what others offer as well. Don’t fall into self-righteousness or other ego traps such as thinking you are better than anyone else or that you can’t learn anything from certain people. Keep one eye on what’s happening inside of you as you interact with the people and world outside of you. Grace and compassion are your allies.

Pisces New Moon Message from the Spirits: Honesty is your best ally, bringing about liberation and compassion and change. Remember that truth is not without kindness, so employ kindness in your honesty with yourself and others. If your connections with others are not built on honesty and trust they will crumble. Being true makes way for you to really enjoy your life and the people it without fear or insecurity. The people who love you will love you for all that you are. You don’t need to hide.

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