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Rhiannon: Goddess of Sovereignty

In Rhiannon’s legends (written about in the Mabinogion) she presents herself in a dream to Pwyll, a man she wishes to marry. In this dream she was riding a white horse and dressed in gold, with birds hovering around her head. He chases her but can never catch up to her as she is magically always ahead of him. Finally he calls out to her and she stops and answers him, and they make plans to wed.

Rhiannon’s name means Great Queen and her marriage to Pwyll makes his rule as king, which was previously in question, legitimate. They have a son together and one night while under the care of nurse maids the son disappears. To avoid blame and punishment, the nursemaids kill a puppy and smear its blood on Rhiannon’s face while she is sleeping. When she wakes she’s accused of murdering and eating her own child and her punishment is to sit outside the castle walls and tell those who pass by of her crimes. She must also wear a collar on her neck and offer to carry anyone who enters the gates to their destination, though because of her beauty and humility no one takes her up on this offer. Years later her son, who was saved from a monster by a man and raised as his own returns to her and her punishment ends.

In this we see that she is long-suffering. She accepts her fate for what it is, but is eventually vindicated. Rhiannon shows us how to bear injustice without becoming victims in our own minds, and reminds us of our sovereignty over ourselves despite the circumstances we face.

Rhiannon, of Welsh origins, is the Sovereign Queen. She is mistress to the otherworld and has close ties with Epona through their connection to the otherworld and to horses. Rhiannon is known for her great beauty and singing prowess, and she has birds in her charge as well who can wake the dead and put the living to sleep. Her birds act as psychopomps, as can be gleaned from their presence in story of Branwen when the men of Lir are in procession to the Otherworld.

Rhiannon has known hardship and provides much comfort to those in times of crisis and grief. She teaches the skills of patience and ensures the ultimate balance of the scales of justice, though with compassion. Because she is of the otherworld she is known to reveal yourself to you in your dreams and can be called upon for dream work.

As Sovereign Goddess she teaches self-love and respect. She has no time for games, as was made clear when Pwyll tried to chase her and could never catch her. It was only when he was direct with her that he won her attention and heart. We too are not required to engage in ridiculous social games that undermine our sovereignty.

In workings involved with Rhiannon her correspondences are the number 7, the colors blue and white, and jasmine is her sacred herb. Her feast day for honoring her is July 4th.

Workings with the throat chakra can be utilized for claiming your sovereignty with the guidance of Rhiannon. Singing is especially helpful in opening up the throat chakra and allowing your truth to come forth.

For dream work you could create a dream pillow out of blue and white fabric and fill it with jasmine (activate the spirit of jasmine for your dream work purposes first) to facilitate a connection with Rhiannon through the dream realm and psychic dreams.

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