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Working with the Spirit of Pink Opal

Pink Opal is a silicate comprised of both Opal and Chalcedony, with a hardness of 6. It is known as the stone of love and is associated with the heart chakra.

The properties of this spirit are most helpful in healing emotional traumas, most notably releasing painful memories and working through emotional disorders that occur alongside trauma. You can work with this spirit to bring peace to your heart and heal and release excessive fear, worry, and anxiety. In releasing and working through these emotional difficulties, pink opal can also be worked with to increase compassion, confidence, self-respect and self-love.

With regard to physical impairments, pink opal is especially helpful as a sleep aid and nightmare reducer. You can also work with this stone spirit to enhance the use of oxygen in your body, to help heal erratic heartbeat, and to discharge tension and stress.

In magick you can work with pink opal to explore the astral realm and connect with the angelic realm. Pink opal can be worked with to create an aura of peace around you. This stone spirit is ruled by the Moon therefore moon magick is quite potent when working with this spirit. It is also connected with the number 8, and its power day is Friday. The number 8 in conjunction with pink opal can be used magickally in transmuting emotionally destructive patterns into emotional health, bringing about balance. Love, beauty, creativity, emotional strength and adaptability are also magically supported intentions with this stone spirit.

Healing Magick with Pink Opal

You can do this working to open yourself to love, to release emotional trauma and pain, to increase compassion, to maintain better emotional boundaries, to stimulate healthy creativity, or one of the many other intentions that fit with the energy of the pink opal spirit.

Ground yourself. Cleanse and then charge your pink opal stone with the intention of bringing about the healing you need. Ask the spirit of the stone to assist you.

With the seed and vowel sounds from the tantric text for the heart chakra, you can work healing magick by chanting the sounds while holding the charged pink opal over your heart center and connecting with its spirit. The seed sound (yahm) will allow you to access the elemental properties of the heart chakra to stimulate your working. The vowel sound Ayy (rhymes with “play”) will resonate with your physical body to stimulate the working on a physical level.

Your chant should hold a rhythm. Inhale and breathe out the sounds “Yahm Ayy.” Pause and then repeat the chant. Repeat as many times as feels right. If you desire, you can have some shamanic drumming playing in the background.

If you are doing the working to release destructive emotions and heal trauma, then when you are chanting visualize the destructive emotions that come up transferring to the stone in your hand. Then, put the pink opal in salt so that the emotions drain from the opal and the stone is cleansed. Ground yourself. Throw the salt in a bag and in the trash (outside of your home) once the pink opal is cleansed (it should feel lighter).

If you are doing the working to increase love or compassion, or creativity, etc. then while you are chanting visualize loving and compassionate energy flowing down from the moon and filling your heart center. Allow the pink opal take on the excess of this energy so that you remain balanced at the end of the working.

This is a very powerful experience that may bring up a lot of intense emotions so prepare yourself for it by having adequate self-care practices in place.

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