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Channeled Messages for the Full Wild Moon – February 2019

The February Wild Moon is at hand, bringing with it an energetic storm to fuel banishings and fuel empowerment, and to produce new beginnings for many of us. We can expect this energy to be one that upheaves all that is not on solid ground, one that brings new freedom. Don’t resist it.

I’ve channeled a message of guidance for the full wild moon for each zodiac sign. Consider how to channel this energy in conjunction with your message.

Don’t resist the growth that is occurring in your life right now. Throw off the constraints you’ve been putting on yourself and let your inner wildness come through. Pay closer attention to what really matters to you instead of concerning yourself with the trappings of what other people think. Weed out everything that doesn’t match your inner truth and utilize this full moon energy to build the life you really want for yourself. This is a powerful time of personal growth. Don’t hold back. The road is open to you.

Now is not the time to blend in. What is important is that you remain grounded at this time, open to hearing what other people have to say, but courageous enough to defend yourself and what is important to you when necessary. You have the capacity to shift the trajectory of your life, but it is not without conflict. Embrace conflict and recognize the growth that it brings. Don’t back down when it comes to what is important to you. Just make sure you’re hearing what people are really saying, and keep your feet on the ground.

Practice patience and don’t make any rash decisions. Spend time recharging and exploring your inner realms for deeper understanding of yourself. Despite the generally active energy of this full moon, you are being called to quiet contemplation. You are being called to nourish yourself, to examine the give and take of your life, and to be quiet within. Slow down so that you can see what is in front of you. Slow down to gain wisdom.

It’s super important that you feel your feelings, but there is a heavy warning against self pity and all it brings at this time. Do what you need to do to move through uncomfortable feelings without attaching too much value or importance to them. Counterbalance the temptation to fall into the abyss of negative thinking by embracing your creativity and sovereignty and actively making choices that breathe new life into your life.

This full moon brings a burst of energy and an easier connection to the current of joy. Synchronicities are likely to be more apparent to you at this time. Follow the joy and embrace the moments of goodness and abundance. Don’t give way to worry, just be present and enjoy the gifts you’ve been given.

Nurture positive forms of communication where thoughts and emotions are clearly expressed and where others are heard and understood as well. This is the time to release negative forms of communication that are counterproductive to healthy relationships. Make kindness the staple of your communications with others. Some form of spirit communication may be more clear and available to some of you at this time. You can grow this ability but actively working with it.

Your relationships have come under the spotlight and it will soon become clear to you who is a real friend and who is not. This time of evaluation is important to your growth and wellbeing. Look at which relationships are mutually beneficial and which ones leave you feeling gross. It’s time to release the relationships that bring you down. It’s time to say goodbye to what harms you.

This full moon carries with it the energy of initiation. Your hardships are about to lead to breakthrough and regeneration, so long as you have learned what you needed to learn. Seek clarity to understand your circumstances as experiences and the right course for yourself. Know that you have all that you need within you to face and overcome adversity and hardship. Embrace your path and breakthrough into better days.

Abundance is filling your life! Take time to enjoy it and to enjoy all that you have. Count your blessings with gratitude and make the most out of all that is yours. Abundance is not just material things or wealth, but a state of being. You can be abundant in love, peace, joy, friends and all manner of things. Enjoy it all. It is your gift.

Face your fears and subdue them. Anxiety has had too great a hold on you for too long. It’s time to face into what you’re afraid of and then put it to rest. Enough of the “what if” and catastrophe thinking. Bring your mind under control of your higher self and let love replace fear. You have given enough of your energy to the shadow. Be kind to yourself. Heal and move forward.

The transformation you’ve been desiring is about to come barreling toward you. Prepare for it. Your will is strong and the energy of this moon lends itself to helping you achieve your desires and dreams. Your power of attraction is stronger than your power of action at this time. Focus your will and be open to receive, making space for what you desire.

Move beyond your emotions to hear that small voice within that guides you. Intuition in the day to day is often a quiet suggestion that instead of a loud warning bell. If followed it makes things easier for you. In the midst of difficulties it’s important that you be able to hear this guidance over fearful thoughts or strong emotion because it will lead you through it all to better things and minimize the degree of difficulty you experience. There may be some tribulation to face. Listen for the wisdom.

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