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Channeled Messages for New Moon in Aquarius – February 2019

Tonight is the first night of the new moon (tonight is also known as the dark moon) and I’ve channeled messages for you by zodiac sign for this time.

As always, if you feel your message resonates please share so others can read theirs.

Bright Blessings on this dark night!

This new moon the spirits will highlight the question of where your loyalties and commitments truly lie. Everything is temporary (life is even temporary) but that doesn’t make commitment unnecessary. Your fears about these things require you to take another look at what commitment means to you. Perhaps what it should mean is that you’re going to stick with who and what is important through all the changes and growth, instead of this stagnant concept that commitment means everything should stay the same. Once you commit you’ll see the way open to you fully. Embrace the fact that everything changes, all is ephemeral, and enjoy your life all the more because of it.

This new moon the spirits are calling you to go within and give yourself space so that you can release fully what needs to be released and breathe new life into your life. Your key word for this new moon is “invigorate.” Connect with yourself to determine what is missing, what needs to change, and create an action plan to make it so. Seek clarity and give your life the energy it needs to be fulfilling.

This is a time of growth and forward movement, one in which you must have faith in yourself and your path. Things may move quite quickly for you, so establish rituals in your daily life that you can rely on as a constant despite whatever changes may occur for you. Use the concept of ritual to create a sense of order and connection. It will keep you grounded during this time of growth.

This new moon is all about honesty for you. Honest self-reflection, honesty in communication, seeking honesty from others as well. This is also a time where you may have to create space and develop patience for the people in your life to come to you with the vulnerability that honesty brings. Trust and honesty are symbiotic, you don’t have one without the other. Be patient with the people in your life and try not to rush anything. Stay in the moment. All important aspects of life take the time that they take to be right and good.

Focus your energy. Determine your top priorities and put your energy into those things so that they grow. This new moon warns against being ungrounded and wasting your energy by sending it in too many frivolous directions. Prioritize, focus, and grow. If you focus your energy in this way, the aspects of your life that are most important to you will receive an extra boost in the direction you want them to go. Don’t waste the extra energy. Put it to good use.

This new moon is calling you to listen to what your inner voice has been telling you all along, especially in terms of what needs to go in your life. Little flashes of insight regarding what habits, relationships, thought patterns, etc that hold you back from growing and being who you want to be need to be addressed and dealt with. Cut the codependent connections. Pay attention to your intuition for the insight on the best way to go about releasing these things and then most importantly, take action. No more excuses.

This new moon may herald a difficult time for you, and the spirits are saying that it is best for you to focus on having patience and being present. Whatever you go through, exercise patience. Don’t try to rush through the difficulties of healing, or gloss over problems or difficult emotions. Seek to understand them instead. Look for what they teach you about you. It’s very possible that these difficulties are a way to get you unstuck so that you can move forward and receive your blessings.

You may deal with some people during this time who are trying to “help” in rather unhelpful ways, perhaps making you feel attacked. There may even be people in your life who are trying to sabotage you or your growth. Their presence will become clear to you if it hasn’t been clear already, and the important thing for you to do at this time is to defend yourself and your boundaries. Stand up for yourself. Don’t be passive because if you do, the behavior will continue. Value yourself enough to say no to people like this and yes to loving yourself.

Your ability to see the good in the bad and the bad in the good, to recognize the paradoxes that exist, and find meaningful connections to how they influence your life, perception, and relationships is highlighted at his time. This clarity will help you recognize which connections are true and worth giving your energy and time to, and then it’s up to you to focus on strengthening them for the best results.

This new moon could bring out your shadow side in the form of overindulgence or any kind of behavior that doesn’t align with your sense of integrity. It’s important for you to be feeding your mind and soul with nourishing thoughts and actions, otherwise a sense of lack will creep in and you may find yourself doing detrimental things such as overspending, overeating, indulging in malicious gossip, etc. To avoid this kind of a mess, don’t allow your joy or creativity to be stifled. Focus on the what makes you truly happy.

Stop and smell the roses and take a look at all the blessings in your life. Let go of the fear that the other shoe will drop and simply allow yourself to feel supported. You’ve made it this far in your life, haven’t you? No matter what happens you will be OK. Nurture the relationships in your life, especially the relationship you have to yourself. Focus on spending time with friends who lift you up. Stay present. All is well.

Take some time to yourself already. You’ve been giving too much energy to others and the depletion you feel is starting to show. Focus your energy and attention on what is soothing for you. This is not a time for confrontation, but a time for you to embrace relaxation and rejuvenation. You don’t need to be (and really shouldn’t be) in crisis mode all the time.

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