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Wolf Moon Reading & Messages

The first full moon of 2019 is upon us. This Wolf Moon is a time of blessing and of growth. The wolf is often considered a solitary animal with the “solitary wolf” trope being quite popular, but is in fact a pack animal. The pack is interdependent instead of codependent. The hierarchy of a pack is symbolic of understanding your place in things and how you fit in, and being in balance with yourself and those around you.

The wolf teaches us about independence and knowing our inner selves, encouraging us to embrace our wild spirits and discover our power. How we incorporate these aspects of ourselves into our lives and social circles is important.

I’ve channeled a message of guidance for the full wolf moon for each zodiac sign. Keep the many wolf symbols in mind as you read your messages from the spirits below when considering how they apply to your life.

You have responsibility that comes with your power, and what you create and what you do has consequences. This full moon is a time of potent change and wild energy for you, but you need to bring it under control to channel it in good, creative directions. You may feel especially energized and ungrounded. Balance this energy with exercises that bring you back to earth. You can absolutely channel your will for great change during this full moon, but you need to be in control of yourself.

This is a time of healing and growth for you, and this full moon may bring about challenges that are tests to show you just how much you have grown. Adversity is part of living, and healing is part of growing through it. Have you truly let go of your outgrown ways of thinking and being in the world? Have you embraced yourself no matter your experiences? Or do you continue to go back to old habits and ways of relating to yourself and the world even if they are unhelpful or harmful? Expect that you will be challenged. Expect that you will grow.

Are you living in gratitude or are you waiting for the next shoe to drop? Life is a series of joys and difficulties, everything cycles, but how you step up to and face your life is really the question. Stop hiding from your life, or sitting back and looking at it from a distorted perception. Focus your mind on gratitude in each moment. Enjoy the small things. Everything will shift for the better if you do so.

Your intuition is clearly trying to guide you but you haven’t really been listening. This full moon is a time of clarity and a time when you need to attend to the details of everyday living. Your spirit guides are tired of being ignored and getting a little cranky about being heard and then dismissed. Intuition doesn’t always slap you in the face. Often it is quiet. Will you choose to listen and heed the advice or continue on a path of self deception and confusion? Find clarity. Detox your life.

This full moon is in your sign and it heralds a gateway time for you. This is a time where you may ascend to a new level of being (not in some weird vague new agey way, but in a way that involves an almost effortless letting go of outmoded ways of relating to your life), a time of adventure and fresh starts and new opportunities. Don’t shy away from the adventure. Break out of your rut and explore.

Seek wisdom and understanding at this time. Look beyond yourself to find it. Any difficulties you experience at this time have the properties of healing contained within them, but it takes wisdom to find. Don’t rush through any tribulations you face half-cocked and blind. Create a solid foundation within yourself and accept your circumstances for what they are, then look for the opportunity within them. Life doesn’t just happen to you. Recognize your role, your power, and learn when it is proper to act.

What you’re experiencing during this full moon is transitory. Can you find the joy in things that don’t last? You’re being asked to assess how you expend your energy, whether or not you’re willing to accept the gifts of life even when they are temporary. Do you know what it means to live fully even in the face of loss, or to do your part even when it feels perfunctory? Be anchored to yourself. Allow everything else to run its course.

Bring any sense of chaos into order through the act of creativity. Don’t gnash your teeth at circumstances that aren’t going your way, but shift your perspective to see how you can turn these circumstances to your favor. Accept life for the ridiculousness that it is, and pool your creative forces to enact change from within. You are magical, and this full moon is a time when this quality is enhanced. It requires the ability to see truth and keep a light heart. Remain unattached to outcomes and see what unfolds.

Seek clarity from within. Nothing is what it seems on the surface right now, and you must connect with your shadow self and come to a place of inner objectivity to find the truth. There is an unseen network at play, and this full moon presents an opportunity for you to recognize the patterns. This is a time of spiritual empowerment for you if you are willing to do the work. Go within. Don’t worry so much about what’s happening outside of you. You can influence that when you have a better understanding of what’s happening inside of you.

There are signs all around you. Pay attention, but don’t be too quick to act. This full moon is enhancing synchronicities and is presenting you with a time to recognize what needs to be conserved. You don’t have to respond to everyone and everything. Just keep your eyes open, pay attention, and see what unfolds. You’ll know when to speak up and take action, but right now observance is your greatest ally. Trust yourself and your perceptions.

Work with what you’ve got and see the gifts in your life for what they are. This is a time to embrace all of you and recognize the value of all that you are, including the characteristics you find to be ordinary or boring, or the characteristics you think are too weird and try to hide. Look at them from another perspective, because they exist in part to bring balance and they also serve an important role in who you are. Be grateful for all of your giftings and recognize the many ways you benefit and contribute to your community. Think of how you can brighten your world and the worlds of those you love by fully embracing your whole self.

This is a time to purify attitudes and perspectives and start new. Lighten up your heart by releasing emotional baggage. Practice the art of trusting yourself and trusting that all will be well. Release attitudes and believes that bring you down and keep you there. This full moon is an opportunity to lighten your step and bring more joy into your life. Take it. Do the work of change and give yourself this gift.

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