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Creating Change through Effective Enchantment

With the home buying process I have learned two very important lessons: I need to enchant for each step of the entire process when I want something big to work out entirely in my favor, and “trusting the universe” is not a good strategy.

There’s really no aspect of life that can’t be helped along by a bit of magick. When it came to the house we bought, as soon as I knew it was for us, I did a spell to bind the house to us to begin with before we moved forward.

Then I petitioned Saint Expedite to ensure that we could get approved for a mortgage without issue and he delivered. I should have been more specific, though, because although pre-qualifying was a smooth process we hit some bumps later with the actual mortgage loan and I had to call on Saint Expedite a second time when shit hit the fan to ensure we ended up with a monthly payment we could afford. Again, he delivered (thanks again St. Expedite), but if I had been thinking about it in advance the snafu could have been avoided.

This entire process has been a lesson to me about thoughtful and well planned magick. I am a folk practitioner and I do a lot of magick on the fly for very specific situations and reasons. I see a need and I enchant for it. It’s been easy when it comes to specific or simpler needs because the focus is clear.

I was in a situation where I believed someone was being deceptive and I enchanted for total clarity, for everything to come out into the open, and that spell worked unhindered. There wasn’t a secret pertaining to the situation that went unspilled and with all their cards on the table I was able to act in a way that protected my best interests.

That kind of enchantment is much different than when dealing with a big goal that has many steps. With the home buying for example, in retrospect I should have enchanted for the exact move in date. I should have enchanted for things to move smoothly and without delay for the people working on the house. I should have enchanted for the interest rate (that at least ended up working out in the end when I had to petition St Expedite again). There were many aspects I could have influenced with magick, but instead after only enchanting for what seemed necessary I did the whole “trust it will all work out and take a back seat” thing, which was perhaps the greatest lesson (in futility) of all.

I wasn’t called to the life of a witch to give up my power to anyone and be absolved of my responsibility for the quality of my life. The spirits and I work with do much to help, but they aren’t just waiting around to weave things in my favor as life passively happens to me. Hekate didn’t call me to simply trust and wait on her to do all the heavy lifting. If anything I have been taught to look for where my power lies in any given situation, and to utilize it whether magick is part of the situation or not.

That can be as simple recognizing my anxiety about medical staff in training and asking for someone who is not in training to be the one who draws my blood when I go to the doctor. It is as simple as just saying “no” to anything that doesn’t feel totally right. What can I do to influence a situation that I don’t like? Usually the answer is one or more of three things: Speak up, take action, do magick.

It’s true that I can’t control outcomes, but I can influence them and “stack the deck” as it were by utilizing my power. Doing all I can to get the results I want (with wisdom about whether or not what I want is good for me, of course), and then trusting it will work out when there’s nothing more I can do, is really the best approach.

Sometimes that means more magickal planning and more complicated spell work. Sometimes it just means speaking my mind. Either way it means I’m fully involved in weaving my fate and creating my life, and that’s a very powerful place to be.

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