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Oracle for the January New Moon

Our first new moon of the new year occurs this weekend in the sign of Capricorn. That’s about as far into the astrology as I get, but I’ve divined a message from the spirits for each zodiac sign for this lunar event, focusing on what message is important to each at this time. Scroll down to your sign to read your message.

Beware self-sabotage at this time and the ways that others in your life may try to sabotage you by “helping.” This is a time to stand in your power, confident in your abilities and acting from a place of compassion and love. Stay in your own lane and watch the magic of your life unfold. Don’t get sidetracked by unnecessary drama. Leave your old ways in the past and focus on what you want to create for yourself now. Romance could be in the air for some of you. Keep an eye on what your shadow thinks about that.

You’ll benefit from looking at your life, your stress levels, and your obstacles from a different angle at this time. Take a break from the noise, step back from the problem and let your mind rest so that the answers can come to you. Continuing on the way you have been about these obstacles is a fruitless endeavor. You have a lot on your plate, and that’s ok. One thing at a time. Life is not quite so serious. Trust in yourself and give yourself a break. No matter what happens, opportunities always present themselves.

What you need will come to you, you just have to be patient and ask for what it. This isn’t a time to push the river or try to make things happen faster than they will. It’s a time to slow down and listen so that you can see the whole picture. It is a time to create harmony for yourself, and it is a time when things are progressing even if you feel like nothing is happening. Good things take time. Trust that.

Something you’ve been waiting and hoping for may finally come on the scene this new moon. Though it may not be handed directly to you, the way is open. Make sure you’re ready to do what it takes to nurture and grow this gift. Wholeness is created when all aspects come together and work in unity. Your decisions impact more than just you, so be aware of this as you make choices. Be loyal to your wellbeing first and everything else will fall into place.

Focus your energy and attention on what you can control, on standing in your own power, and in being decisive. This new moon is a time when uncertainty can create a bit of anxiety for you. Don’t run from the feelings. Instead, run to them and accept them. You may not have all the answers but you are not powerless. Take everything one step at a time and give yourself a break. You need to rest and connect with yourself.

This new moon is a time of illumination and enlightenment for you, and if you stay grounded and centered within yourself you can make great strides and progress. This is a time to quell emotion and see with clarity and objectivity so that you can make decisions that are truly good for you.

The only way to make things happen is to communicate with clarity, and this is your challenge during this new moon. Your emotional needs may be especially prevalent at this time. Listen to them, to what they are communicating to you, and communicate your needs honestly to the people around you from there. Everything is available to you. All you have to do is ask for it and be open to receive.

Tap into what’s going on underneath all the intensity. The signs are becoming clearer for you but you have to pay attention to see them. This new moon is an opportunity to take real responsibility for your life and your healing. You have to address the imbalances. It’s ok to be vulnerable. Don’t forget your power. Let your vision be clear, let your mind align with your heart and your spirit to bring about real change.

This new moon spells self-care and the need to lighten up. There’s some bitter-sweetness about you at this time and it’s important to look at what’s behind that, to take time to heal. Paying attention to the signs is always good advice, but don’t get caught up in overthinking. Trust in yourself and enjoy your life. Remember what’s important to you and what makes you happy.

Important connections in your life can be healed with a bit of honest communication. Listening to understand will get you very far, as will speaking with clarity of purpose. Let the conflict come out in the open and be resolved so that everyone can heal and move forward. Pay attention to your connection to yourself, as well, and the way you communicate to you about you. This is another aspect in which healing is likely to occur if you’ll extend yourself some compassion.

Channel your energy into trusting and acting on your intuition. Be transparent with yourself about your own motives, desires, and fears, and then take a step back to see your life experiences for what they are and to determine the best course of action from here. Know that the voice of intuition is kind even when it’s telling you something you don’t want to hear. Know that this guidance is available to you all the time. To hear it you need to trust yourself and validate your experiences. Follow your inner guidance. It will not lead you astray.

Look deeper, and take your time. This is a time to explore thoughts and ideas, explore the information coming your way, and hold off on making commitments or taking action. Jumping into anything right now is likely to result in regret later. You need to take a deeper look at what’s in front of you. Be courageous to face things as they are. Learn from the trees what it means to be rooted, what it means to take your time. See things as they are.

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