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Divining for Your Year Ahead

The spread below is the one I use to divine what’s to come for me in the year ahead. I love to use this spread because it gives me a very clear picture of what will be most important each month. This New Year’s Day I spent around 3.5 hours interpreting the cards alone. I personally combine the reading with planetary information, lunar cycles and important personal cycles I’ve determined based on my birthdate to make the most of what’s to come, but below is the spread itself which is more than enough to get the ball rolling in your favor.

To begin, I work with Tea Leaf Fortune Cards and pull four for each month of the upcoming year. This gives me an idea of concrete things I can expect to happen each month, such as which months will bring in more money, which months will be heavily influenced by relationships, which months I will have more luck, which months will present more obstacles, and so on.

Then I work with the Faeries Oracle to determine the Theme for each month, and the Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle to determine the Guidance for each month (pictured above). The theme is an overall view of what will be most important or the most prominent influences for the month. The guidance card is advice on how to handle it. I like the Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle for guidance because it’s simple and clear in terms of what it will take to get the best results.

Each aspect of the whole reading comes together to give me a full picture of the important things that will happen each month over the coming year.

For example, according to the Tea Leaf cards the month of November will be heavily social with a lot of time spent with friends, most notably a woman with dark hair or dark complexion. I will experience dissatisfaction with life that will lead to me taking on a new role. According to the cards in the second photo, the Theme of the month for November for me is the Singer of Connection (from the Faeries Oracle) and the Guidance for the month is Cohosh (Repel) from the Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle.

Taken as a whole I can see that personal relationships will be featured during the month of November (The Singer of Connection), but that it’s not all good because it’s tied directly to a sense of dissatisfaction with life. Certain relationships will need to end, or at the very least the dynamics will need to change entirely (Repel) so that I am playing a different role in the friendships. Some connections may be cut, some may just need to be entirely reworked. In seeing this coming I can influence quite a bit in how it all works out.

When doing the year ahead spread for yourself you can use Lenormand cards instead of Tea Leaf cards for the first part, and Tarot or other Oracle cards for the second part, or whatever works best for you to divine concrete events as well as influences.

I like to take it a step further and combine what I’ve learned through this comprehensive divination spread with planetary influences, lunar cycles and personal cyclical information (like when I’m most likely to get sick, and when my projects will most likely be successful, etc) to plan for business, important projects and goals.

If you’d rather not put the time in to do the reassign yourself, but still want a reading for the year ahead with the extra oomph, check out the Annual Divination Package.

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