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Zodiac Readings for the December New Moon

This month’s full moon occurs on Saturday (the first day of the full moon is tomorrow, on the Solstice) in the sign of Cancer. This is a time where for many, great change is possible, so long as you are willing to look inward.

The spirits had much to say to us at this time. Scroll trough the images below to find your zodiac sign and message. If you feel the your message resonates, please share so that others may receive their messages as well.

Bright Solstice Blessings to all of you. May the full moon provide you with the illumination you need.🖤🌝✨

You cannot push the river, my dears. You cannot move things along faster than they are meant to go. You cannot brush over the inner work that needs to be done and skim the surface of life. Slow down and receive. Slow down and feel what you need to feel. Have courage to go within and retrieve the wisdom of your experiences while allowing the pain to transform into a deeper sense of compassion and trust. You still have so much to discover about yourself. Racing through life empties it of its meaning and cuts off joy. Learn to what it means to be in natural rhythm. Learn what it means to explore the moment. Be courageous and trusting. Sink in to who you are. Release the urge to flee from yourself.

Only clear and concise and complete honesty will do. Changes happen in accordance with your nature and this is a time to release all pretenses. Enough with pretending or wishing you felt differently than you do. Enough with worries about what anyone else will think. These things do nothing good for your soul. You can’t be anything you’re not, so don’t waste energy in pretending. Nurture your own talents and growth and don’t worry so much about what anyone else is saying or doing. They don’t get to limit you. Focus on your own path and see just how quickly obstacles are overcome when you’re not spilling out energy in useless directions. True honesty is the bedrock of all beneficial change and growth. Allow yourself this gift with compassion and without judgment.

You’ve got a trick or two up your sleeve but these tricks won’t get you what you want or need. Consider instead how you can be transparent and give yourself the gift of vulnerability. Only this path will lead you to what you are looking for, anyway. You have many gifts to share with the world, some of which you are hiding away. Perhaps it’s time to bring them into the light and see what comes of sharing them. Let your higher wisdom guide your choices. Be kind and be open.

Signs and synchronicities are becoming more apparent but if you’re not paying attention you’ll end up missing them completely. All that you’re searching for can be found within. Your intuition is guiding you. Trust it. The time has come for you to stop looking outside of yourself for what you need. You can direct your will to make potent changes at this time. Soon enough you may find yourself on an unexpected path. Remember to keep your eyes open and to pay attention. Trusting your inner guidance will not lead you astray.

This is a time of harvest for you where the returns of your hard work will come in. Ensure that you trust the process and don’t try to hold on to what is ending out of fear of what will come next. The universe is generous and this is a time when you are (or can be) in the easy flow of things if you do not resist. Practice the art of allowing and see the good places you end up. Loss is a part of gain. Rest is a part of growth. Do not bypass the necessary pause before moving forward. Gratitude gets you further than fear and awareness of how you can bless others is a blessing on yourself.

You are many things cohesively existing together and though neat labels provide a sense of control, you defy them all. This full moon is a time for you to get comfortable with being a living paradox. It is a time for you to get comfortable with paradoxes in general. Many vastly different and contradicting things can be true at once. This is a time to utilize the revealing nature of the moon to discover what you are truly afraid of and to face your fears. This is a time of self-mastery through acceptance, honesty, and willpower. You must know yourself to master yourself. See what is real and see what is just false evidence appearing real. Significant and lasting change will occur if you undergo this task.

There is a difference between moving at a slower pace and simply being stuck. Do what you must to move forward at this time, as you have been in the same space for far too long and it is getting you no where. Attend to the healing that is necessary to move forward and recognize your own part in the situation that you are in. You have fragmented yourself and it is time to embrace honesty, take responsibility, and start putting the pieces back together. No one else’s love can replace the love you must have for yourself.

Emotions may be heavy for you at this time so ensure that you are taking care of yourself. Pay attention to the thoughts you’re feeding your mind and hold them up to the standard of self-compassion. Beware self-pity above all else as this is a slippery slope to an ugly rut. Rest and take a break from all who drain your energy. You do not have to give everyone your attention or time. As much as you can, balance the heaviness with light-heartedness and trust. Make fun a priority and take your experiences and emotions in stride. No one moment, one emotion, or one situation defines you. You do not have to stay committed to anything that is no longer true for you. Releasing old baggage will lighten you right up.

The people in your life reveal important information to you about yourself. You must distinguish between what is a projection and what is a truth when it comes to others in your life. Seek clarity. Endeavor to recognize truth. Nurture the relationships that help you to be the person you enjoy being. Give your energy to relationship you find balance within. There is supportive energy for growth at this time and you must trust that it is occurring. It often feels like a long pause before a seed sprouts, though much is happening within and underneath.

There is more to you than what you do for others. Your value is independent of others entirely. It is time to release the false sense that what you give is what gives you value. It is time to discover what you can do for yourself that brings you joy. You don’t need anything to make you complete, you are complete all on your own right now as you are. Generosity from a place of love is much more meaningful than generosity from a place of obligation. Be wise about what you give to others. Become more aware of what you need to receive yourself.

Use your voice to make change. You cannot create change in a vacuum, and the changes you want to bring about require effective communication. Do not look for hidden meanings in what others are communicating to you at this time. Instead, listen with the purpose of truly understanding. Effective communication is communication that bridges the gap of understanding. It is compassionate and empathetic and clear. It recognizes what goes unsaid and uses it for the benefit of all. Be open to the variety of communications coming your way, and be scrupulous in your own. Your voice is magic in action. Use it with thoughtfulness and reverence for what it can create.

You are called to make a commitment to your own healing at this time. The way to healing is being shown to you, but you can’t turn away to distraction if you want to move through it. Your shadow has much to teach you and requires love as well as the rest of you. Learn from what lurks in the darkness within. This full moon will show you aspects of yourself that are wounded. Do not focus on anyone else involved at this time. The lessons are for you and about you.

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