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Zodiac Readings for the December New Moon

Today is the first day of the December new moon in Sagittarius. Find your sign from the images below and you will also find your message from the spirits for you for this new moon.

This new moon, you are being called to act with complete honesty and to take a deep look at yourself and the troubles you’ve been experiencing. Remember that honesty is compassionate even if the truth is difficult or hard to say or hear. Many of the troubles you’ve been experiencing are about to end, but the question is whether or not you’ve gained wisdom from these experiences. No matter what you go through the energies of love, joy, peace, and trust are available to you if you can keep yourself open to them. There is always hope.

You get by with a little help from your friends. Trying to do everything on your own is not helpful at this time. Reach out to trustworthy people who have your back and let them know that you need assistance, even if it’s just assistance in having fun. Lightening up will be your challenge for this time, as will be the need to simply trust that things will work out. The spirits are also suggesting that you get very earthed during this new moon to help you trust the process and have fun. Whether that’s caring for indoor plants, or meditating, or going out dancing or eating some earthing food- whatever connects you to the earth is important at this time because information will be coming your way for which you need to be present.

Any areas in which deception has occurred (whether you were the one doing the deceiving or someone else was deceiving you) are likely to come to light during this new moon bringing with it significant change. This change may be difficult for you, so it is important that you don’t rush the process. In fact, you can’t rush the process and trying will result in more difficulties. Be open to the guidance of your ancestors. Be open to receive all that you need to help you through this and direct your energy toward healing.

The spirits are concerned about the narratives you’ve been creating in your head about your life and about your relationships. This new moon, it’s time to take an honest look at your fears and what you are *truly* afraid of, and how these fears have been impacting your life. Any struggles with trust need to be examined at this time. If the people you are surrounding yourself with are truly untrustworthy, time to find new people for your life. Take a light step with all this heavy personal work. Make sure you’re balancing it out with fun and downtime so that you don’t lose balance completely.

The spirits are concerned that you’ve been neglecting your creative side, and they are also concerned that you’ve been bottling your difficult emotions. With this new moon you are being encouraged to find healthy ways of expressing what is happening within you, and to do all you can to avoid the traps of self-pity. Be very aware of temptation at this time, especially temptation to lower your standards or in circumstances where desire is taking precedent over wisdom.

The spirits are encouraging you to connect more deeply with your spirituality during this new moon, and to see the interconnectedness of all things. It’s important that you walk the line between fulfilling your own needs and doing what is in the best interest of all. This is important. Feeding your spirit allows you to be there for others. You will need to learn to trust the process when it comes to your own healing, wellbeing, and life in general, and to be patient.

Take a deeper look. This new moon is not the time for superficial glances or superficial desires. Be patient and look for the wisdom as to why circumstances in your life are the way they are. You have a lot of dreams coming up on the horizon, but you need to protect them. That means keeping away from people who will be deterrents and distractions or who will get in the way of what you are trying to create for yourself. You cannot go backward even if it is more comfortable. Get a grip on your emotions and take charge in doing what it actually good for you.

There is an intense energy surrounding love, sex, and relationships for you during this new moon time. The spirits are asking you to take responsibility for your feelings and actions and what you are creating with them. Great healing can occur during this time within relationships, but you will have to make sure you give these relationships the time and attention they deserve. You are likely to feel like there are too many things going on, too much to balance. The spirits are telling you to just focus on what you can control and take it one step at a time. No matter how complicated life gets, you can always make something beautiful out of it.

You’re being called to address emotional difficulties at this time, especially those related to trust and to to truth. The spirits are asking you to listen to what you heart is telling you. Know that as you do the work of healing, you are not alone. It will benefit you to do whatever you can to create harmony in your life.

This new moon will bring lessons in trust for you. Trusting the universe that everything will be ok. Trusting the people in your life to be there for you. Trusting the people in your life enough to open up to them with what you need. Facing your fears and reminding yourself that fear is often a liar, and it cheats you of happiness. Remember that you deserve to be happy. Happiness doesn’t occur without trust.

Slow down and listen to your intuition. You’ve been trying to push the river and it hasn’t been working, and you’re missing out on important signs because of it. You may have ideas in your head of how things are “supposed” to be, but “supposed to” is not helpful. You can only work with what is. Your intuition is waiting for you to tap in and listen to receive proper guidance. You’ve been off balance. This new moon is calling you to correct that.

This new moon is a time of release for you. The spirits are saying that you need rest, and that you need to attend to your emotional baggage and anything else you’ve been hanging on to that is now in the past. You can’t move at full speed all the time. There is an ebb and flow to life and you will benefit from recognizing when you are meant to ebb, and when you are meant to flow. Trying to do too much all the time will result in a lot of difficult emotions hiding under the surface. Face them. Give them a voice. Understand what they are trying to tell you about you. Take a break already and give yourself space to just be.

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