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Zodiac Readings for the November New Moon

Today is the first day of the November new moon in Scorpio. We are dealing with the soft underbelly of living during this time, and the messages from the spirits are speaking to that quite clearly.

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May you all be blessed this new moon with clarity, compassion, and peace. 🖤🌚🔮

You can’t get what you want without asking for it. Even as opportunities arise, make sure you’re reading the fine print and dealing with people you trust. See with clear eyes. Communicate clearly, and make sure you’re truly understanding others as well. The universe will give you many great things, but to make the most of these blessings you need wisdom. The spirits ask you to be patient, to trust in the natural way of things, and to be clear about your desires. Read the fine print, but don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

The spirits are asking you to slow down and read the signs. Your current attempt to rush things is going to make a mess for you, and it may put you in a position you could have avoided if you allowed yourself to be comfortable with a natural pace instead. You can’t rush your blessings. Important things should never be rushed or pushed. Regroup and clear your mind, clear your sight to see. Details matter greatly at this time. Don’t miss them.

Despite how hectic and uncomfortable things may be for you at this time, you have the ability to make things better by how you think and speak about them. You can’t control what happens around you, but you can control how you respond to it. There is something to be said for looking at your experiences with objectivity and emotional detachment. A lot of healing can occur for you if you bless yourself, others, and the situations you’re in with gratitude, kindness, and compassion. The spirits say you know the way to do this, you just need to listen.

Everything is connected. This new moon is gifting you with recognition of which connections help you be the person you want to be, and which connections you need to cut in order to move forward with a lighter heart and a lighter step. There is grace all around you. The spirits are asking you to be wise about what you feed in your life, and to trust that all will be well. It’s time to take the next step.

Though it can be scary to break out of a rut, there is much to be gained. This new moon will challenge you to move beyond your fears and to be open to the spiritual gifts that you’ve closed yourself off to due to self-imposed limitations. It may feel like a shock to your system when something falls apart, but when you don’t try to put it back together the way it was, new and better things form. Stronger connections are made. The spirits race to fill the void with what is better suited to you. Be open.

The spirits are asking you to do your very best, and to release all self-deception. Stop railing against what is true and see yourself and all things with clarity. There is support for you in this, not just spiritual support but other people willing to help you without judgment. Take responsibility and watch things improve. If you continue on a path of refusing to see the truth, it will only lead to pain.

Emotions may be stronger and higher than usual for you at this time. The spirits are advising you to take more time for yourself to rest and be present with what you feel. There is power in the darkness within, and something in your soul is calling to you. Give yourself the gift of expressing yourself through some form of creativity, even if it’s just listening to music and allowing it to wash over you. Look for ways to create harmony in your life and be patient with yourself. People are really paying attention to what you’re saying at this time and may even recognize what you don’t realize you’re saying. Let empathy reign.

A mighty wind of change is blowing into your life during this new moon time. The spirits are saying to live every aspect of your life with joy, and to keep your feet on the ground so that these changes don’t sweep you off your feet. You can expect breakthrough in areas of struggle. Put yourself in community with people you trust and let that be enough. Take special care of your feet at this time. Watch where you step.

Where you see yourself and your life in the future matters very much at this time. It may be wise for you to seek counsel as moving forward does mean leaving some things behind. This new moon is a time of release for you. You are reaping the benefits of what you’ve put your energy into, but it’s important to consider what is next. The spirits encourage you to have faith and to trust your path, to consider where you are headed and the practical steps to getting there, but to remain living in the present moment as well. Opportunities and gifts and life only occur in the present moment.

Nothing stays the same. Difficulties pass just as frequently as good times. Remember the transient nature of life. How you weather the storms are important. This new moon may require you to dig deep into your personal power. It’s time to remember who you are and what you come from. It’s time to stop being a jerk to yourself and to take the steps you need to take to heal. There is hope, always. The spirits recommend you spend time getting to know the parts of yourself that you haven’t given much attention to in the past. See the blessings around you and watch how you talk about yourself and others. You create what you speak.

Responsibility is highlighted for you with this new moon. Take a look at your life, at what you’re trying to create for yourself. Stop worrying about what you can’t control and instead start making a plan. The spirits are reminding you that you have more power than you give yourself credit for, and that when your mind and heart are aligned with your spiritual center mountains move. Deal with life as it is. You are responsible for the quality of your life.

This new moon could herald a wake up call for what is really important in life. The spirits are saying that connecting to the divinity within yourself is what will see you through all manners of difficulties. Loss is a natural part of living, but it is not the final word. Experience shapes perspective. How you relate to others mirrors how you relate to yourself. There are natural endings occurring either now, or soon. Take everything one step at a time. Let go of everything that is superfluous.

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