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Working with Saints and Other Spirits

Petitioning saints for help is an oft-overlooked way to get things to things you need.

I grew up in a Catholic household so the concept of intercessory prayer is natural to me. Our ancestors are the spirits who are most invested in our lives and wellbeing and they will do much for us when we ask them to and when we honor them properly. Saints will also often grant petitions as well if your petition is sincere and they desire to work with you. There are spirits (ancestors, especially those who are closer to us in the family line, saints) who understand life on earth and the struggles we experience much better than other spirits (angels, gods, etc) because they lived it themselves. Often, they are also much quicker to act on our behalf, too.

When my fiancé and I needed things to change with our living situation, in fact we needed to move post haste, I petitioned Saint Expedite to make the process happen smoothly and quickly, and the next day we were approved for a mortgage and the house we wanted was ours. I’ve petitioned Saint Expedite to smooth financial issues, and to quickly resolve things in my favor.

I’ve had great success with Saint Expedite in a variety of ways. He’s known for getting things done fast but he’s also been great at eradicating obstacles, in my experience. Saint Expedite takes payment in the form of red candles and pound cake. Always set out water with offerings as well. I love working with Saint Expedite because when I’m ready for things to change, I’m ready for it to happen now, and because of the bond we have built working together.

There is a Saint for just about everything under the sun. Saint Joseph is often called upon for moving and selling homes. There’s a specific ritual of burying a statue of Saint Joseph in the ground of the property you want to sell quickly, and then once it’s sold you dig up the statue and bring it to your new space. You also leave an offering of thanks to Saint Joseph (yellow candles, lilies, water).

When petitioning a saint, you can find specific petition prayers to use, or you can pray from the heart when you’re asking for help. I recommend lighting a candle and putting out a glass water at the time of petitioning as well.

I find it is important to honor the many spirits I work with with regular offerings whether or not I have petitioned them for anything. Feeding the spirits is sacred work. They do more on our behalf than we even realize on a daily basis, and keeping them fed is a way to grow the bond.

When it comes to working with spirits, respect is the foundation. Think of how you would feel if someone you don’t really know came to you with a laundry list of requests. Put off, right? Focusing on one need at a time is the best way to get petitions granted. Get to know the Saint or spirit you are working with, as well. Some of them may get things done for you but not in the way you would have preferred.

The spirits don’t have to work with us or for us. It is possible to work with a spirit in a more business-like way, where you ask for something and promise payment in return (and deliver when the spirit delivers) and never work with them again. I just don’t work with spirits this way. I like to form bonds.

Whether or not that’s the manner in which you approach the spirit, you should always give an offering of something they want/would like when they do work for you. With ancestors spirits I recommend a daily offering regardless of requests. This could be as simple as water and a lit candle, some incense. Offerings of food or other things they enjoyed in life is important too. Listen to the spirits when they tell you what they want.

One word of caution: make sure you know who you’re working with and what they will ask of you in return for granting your petitions. Ancestors are usually pretty safe, as are most saints if you’ve done your homework.

Don’t get into a situation like this. ^^

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