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Zodiac Readings for the October Full Moon

It’s the first day of the full moon in Taurus! The October Full Moon is also known as the Harvest Moon, the Blood Moon, or the Hunter Moon. There’s a bit of a theme there really related to nature and reaping, which is a rather important theme at this time for many of us.

The spirits have had a lot to say with these messages! As always, if you feel the reading resonates with you please do share the post to help others receive their messages as well.

Scroll down to the image that fits your sign for your reading for the full moon. 🌝🔮🖤🎃

This full moon is offering you a fresh start and the energy to make deep, necessary changes. Listen to the calling of your heart, to the music of the universe. You can move forward in faith and trust when you know you’re listening to the true voice of Spirit. All of the things you’ve asked for that are for your greatest good are on their way, and some may even arrive in the next couple of days. Trust that you will receive what you need and be patient.

You’ve got to pay attention to what’s going on right now. There are signs all around you pointing you in the right direction, but you’ve been too busy and moving too fast to see them. If you continue to miss the signs, you’ll end up repeating some scenarios and pattens that will leave you frustrated and exhausted. The way of wisdom is open to you. Release what no longer serves you on your path, recognize what needs to change. You can’t walk through life as if asleep and not expect to fall into a hole. Pay attention, look within, and follow the signs.

This full moon heralds a new beginning for many of you. It’s time to consider where you have been in life and where you wish to go, and the necessary (practical) steps to get you there. Huge changes are occurring that will bring new growth, but you need to protect what is vulnerable at this time, just as seedlings need protection when they first begin to grow.

Not making a decision is also a decision. This full moon may highlight some wishy-washy tendencies for you, and what underlies all of it is fear. Fear of what others will think, fear of what your decisions mean about you. The important thing to remember is that if you aren’t true to yourself, then no one else can be true to who you really are either. Pay attention to the details when it comes to making decisions, and give yourself enough time to assess, and enough space to hear what your own intuition is saying (separate from what other people may tell you) and then make your choices. There is a pattern to sniff out here that tells you what you need to know. Follow the signs.

Inspiration can strike at any moment, but you need to be open to it and open to where it might lead you even if it’s not where you original thought you would be headed. All of the issues you’ve been running up against may lead to breakthrough with this full moon. Irrevocable change is the name of the game, and it’s the kind that will feel right and true. Go with it. Trust the little nudgings you’re receiving, and let your curiosity lead the way.

Not being honest with yourself hasn’t gotten you very far. The desire to maintain the status quo is about to crumble for you despite your efforts. This may be a difficult time of transitioning, but it is also a time where wisdom can lead you into healing if you will face the truth about yourself and your actions. There is a time and a season for all things, and no matter how much you want to keep things the same, change is the nature of life. These changes will ultimately be for the better even if it doesn’t quite feel that way in the moment.

This full moon will highlight how you’ve been maintaining the balance between “me” and “we.” You do your part for the community and your family very well, but what have you done for yourself lately? What have you nurtured in you? You will need to stay grounded with the intense energy coming, and the areas of your life that have felt stuck are about to become unstuck. Pay attention to what’s going on with you internally. Stay grounded in order to understand what your emotions are telling you. Act from a place of self-love.

Areas of life regarding love and relationships will be coming to the forefront for you. There are patterns deep within that need your attention, patterns that often result in depression or exhaustion or loneliness, or any combination of these things (patterns that may well be playing out in current relationships right now). This full moon the spirits are asking you to face yourself, and assuring you that you do not face any difficulties alone. There is great love and healing all around you and within you. These are energies that flow through each of us, but can get clogged up by shitty experiences. Great emotional healing is available to you at this time. Give yourself the space to grieve, the space to feel all your emotions without judging them or yourself, and the gift of releasing these emotions and experiences at the right time.

Keep the hope alive! Difficulties that you’ve been experiencing will soon pass, they have all been temporary. Make sure you’re seeing the bigger picture and not getting caught up in details or too focused on one aspect to the point where you can’t see the forest for the trees. All of life is a series of cycles and you have the vision to see that and rise above. Remember how loved you are and draw on the support of your family and friends. The storm is almost over. All is not lost.

Communication goes a long way in clearing up misunderstandings and hurt feelings. Be aware of how you’re talking to and about yourself and other people. Words can be blessings or curses. Chances are you aren’t seeing the whole picture, and that criticalness and unkindness are skewing things. You never know fully how another person feels or sees things until you ask. If you want the truth you need to listen just as well as you speak. Opening a dialogue is the only way to heal rifts caused by communication (or lack of communication). And no, it’s not up to the other person to begin the conversation.

The truth may be hard but it’s not cruel. With this full moon, the spirits are asking you to take a look at the things you tell yourself, and are asking you to do the work of getting your mind a bit more focused on the productive and compassionate thoughts. You’re also being asked to step away from drama that doesn’t serve you (so, almost all drama) because it’s impeding your progress regarding your goals. Where you give your energy matters. An honest look at what you really think and feel will go a long way in diffusing inner and outer chaos.

When you’re tired, take a rest. Don’t spend so much energy wishing things were different than they are and then feeling sad when they don’t fit your expectations. Instead, deal with what’s in front of you as it is. You may feel that there is a lot of chaos, and even overwhelmed by life, but there is opportunity in all of it just waiting for you to find it. Lighten up your heart, go with the flow, and let things be what they are.

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