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Communicating with Spirits Through Music

At the intersection of mindfulness and listening to music, there is a platform which spirits can use to communicate with us. Music reverberates across all planes of existence and acts as a kind of messenger system to and from spirits, wherever they may be. Whether we are paying full attention– with singularity of mind in the action of listening to music– determines if the messages from spirits are received. If you have trouble concentrating while meditating in the quiet this activity of listening may be a helpful alternative for you in your spiritual practice.

There are a variety of ways in which spirits communicate with us, many of which are non-verbal as spirits are not typically verbal and may not even speak the same language that we do. Listening to music that includes lyrics gives spirits an existing framework of communication to use with which we are familiar. Often through music spirits communicate hope, that they are with us, and even urgent messages on things that we need to hear to help us move through obstacles and problems.

This communication can go both ways. If there is a specific spirit you would like to communicate with, carefully choosing the song that reminds you of the spirit and contains the message you want to send and then focusing your full attention on the song as it plays adds energy to the message and gives the spirit more information about what you are communicating than only words would do. The sound and energy of the music are a kind of ethereal body language that gives a fuller communication than simple prayer or meditative contact. You can even create a playlist and communicate through one song, then listen on shuffle for the response in the next song. The important key here is full attention and receptivity.

When a spirit communicates with you through music, it often registers with physical sensations or a clarity of knowing. The fun thing about this mindfulness practice is that there’s no wrong music, no one way. You can use the temp of the music to create a trance-like state for yourself (such as listening to rhythmic drumming), or you could listen to an album or song that inspires a sense of otherworldliness in you to help you become more receptive and focused. You can use the tempo of the music to encourage spirits to make themselves known. You can literally listen to any type of music in any scenario, and as long as your mind is centered on the activity of listening, spirit communication is not only possible, but it is likely to occur.

Spirit communication only happens when we are present. The spirits don’t meet us in our thoughts about the past or future–they’re with us here and now.

Originally published in Witch Way Magazine October 2018

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