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Sage Advice

Sage Advice is a weekly column. Send me an email at with your questions or problems for which you need advice (any topic) and see your answers posted. Note: I don’t do any divination for this column. Your privacy is always respected!

How do you dispose of liquid offerings like coffee, water, etc.? Is it okay to pour them down the drain?

The best way to dispose of liquid offerings is to pour them out on the ground outside, but you can also pour these offerings down the drain if outside isn’t an option. Water can also be poured into a potted plant.

Is there a certain number of candles that shouldn’t be lit at the same time?

This would depend on your tradition. In general, no.

Is it okay to light candles everyday for your ancestors, and spirit guides, etc?

Absolutely! You can consider this a daily offering of light and warmth for the spirits.

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