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Zodiac Readings for the Full Harvest Moon

I usually do a live video on Facebook for the full moon and new moon, but I’ve a bit of a head cold so I won’t be doing a live video for our September Full Moon in Aries. Instead, it’s all in written form. This beautiful Harvest Moon is particularly illuminating, and the spirits have a lot to say to us about our lives. As always, if you love the post feel free to share it so others can get their messages 💖

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This full moon is a great time for healing, but you need to be aware of how you’re speaking to yourself and others. Accept things as they are and work through your emotions without judgment. This full moon may bring up old issues that are ready to be healed, and along with it, dreams that you may have forgotten about long ago. What is it that you want but told yourself you couldn’t have? This full moon may provide illumination on the path to fulfilling that dream. Be open, and believe in the possibilities.

Times are changing, and you may have been experiencing some difficulties in regard to a long-held dream. Perhaps you’ve felt like you’ve been experiencing some bad luck regarding a project or ambition you’ve held dear. This full moon the spirits are testing to see what you’ve learned. Breakthrough is imminent, so make sure you are prepared. Be present, but also be aware of where you want to be in the future and take the steps now that need to be taken to get there.

This full moon is all about connection for you. Everything is interconnected, so everything you do affects everything else on many different levels, including ignoring the advice that is coming to you from that still, small voice within. You have the spiritual support you need to strengthen the good connections and break the bad ones. Listen for guidance, and follow it. Your willpower may be tested with this full moon. Pay attention.

This full moon you are challenged to remain grounded, and to listen. This is a time of self-reflection and patience for you. A lot has been communicated recently, and you have a lot of emotions to work through. Follow your creative nudges and give expression to your thoughts and feelings in a constructive way. Don’t make any fast or impulsive decisions during this time. Let things unfold and take care of yourself in the meantime.

This full moon is bringing about big changes for you. There will be success regarding some of the dreams you’ve been working toward, and you should thoroughly enjoy the harvest of your hard work. The challenge for you is to not hold on to what has been fulfilled, but to let what is ending go in its proper time so that the new may come into your life. The spirits assure you that there is another dream coming onto the scene, and more joy ahead.

Go out and have some fun! This full moon the spirits are encouraging you to go out and enjoy life, truly live it, and not worry so much about how you think things “should” be. Just accept them as they are! Follow your intuition and you’ll see that things go much more smoothly than they do when you try to make things go according to some “rational” plan. Pay attention to your life and find a healthy way to express your emotions and let off stress. Make romance a priority, too, while you’re at it. Even if that just means buying yourself some flowers.

You have a lot to give and there are many people who love and cherish you. Make time for those people. Make time for yourself and your own needs. The spirits want you to pay special attention to your relationships during this full moon time. Recognize the support in your life. Let your heart be open to all kinds of relationships, and put in the effort to nourish them. There is an abundance of love all around you. Let people know what you need and let them help you get those needs met.

Scorpio: This is a time where a new perspective is needed, along with faith that everything will be ok, and loyalty to yourself and the people who you trust. There may have been a lot of anxiety for you recently, but the spirits assure you that a change in perspective will fix much of the issue. Release your need for control, and listen to what your life is telling you. Speak up about how you feel. Without communication, you won’t get anywhere.

This is a time for you to go deeper and get to know why you do what you do. With this full moon energy, much is illuminated and clarity can be had, as long as you are open to a shift in perspective. Stay grounded, spend time in nature, explore the world around you. There is so much beyond the limits you’ve created for yourself. The spirits are challenging you to surpass those limits and to get to know yourself through adventure.

Deal with what’s going on underneath the surface. Stop telling yourself that things are ok or that you’ve moved beyond something that you’re actually stuck in. Express yourself and your true feelings to the people around you. Take your personal power back and trust your intuition. Relationships can be enhanced and repaired if you do the work of communicating. It’s OK to grieve when you’re hurt. Ask for the support you need from your loved ones and stop holding it all in.

You’ve been going through a lot, and it’s imperative you call on the spiritual support around you to help you face your inner shadows, nurture what is good, and release what hurts you. There is strength and nurturing available to you. Be patient with yourself, especially in areas where healing is needed. Something important needs to be worked through before you can move forward. Go within, knowing you will be ok, and face what you need to face.

There is natural magic at work in your life but your attitude may be a threat to how much you can achieve. It’s especially important for you during this time to feel your emotions without getting mired in them or sucked down into self-pity. Be aware of what you’re telling yourself and how it affects you emotionally. This full moon there is extra support for breaking harmful patterns. Make sure you’re not getting in your own way.

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