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Sage Advice

Sage Advice is a weekly column. Send me an email at with your questions or problems for which you need advice (any topic) and see your answers posted. Your privacy is always respected!

“I’m just finding out that a position, that I am very passionate about, may be coming to an end after 5+ years. I have the option to continue being a part of the business, but will entail traveling further distance on almost a daily. So, I’m trying to decide, whether I should be hanging on or letting go. Do I seek a new job & hope I’m just as passionate about a new position as I am currently? Do I go the extra miles just to continue to be a part of what I have been?

Also, I’d love to personally keep the store, but not sure how I’d make a profit renting the place. The expense would be more than my profit. So, that’s a bad idea … right!?” – R

Dear R,

It may be worth it to give it a go in the new location for a while and see if your passion stays lit despite the increase in travel time. You can always decide later to find a new job if you feel it’s not working out for you in the new location. This way, if you do leave the company, you won’t look back and wonder. When it comes to buying a space, you do want to make sure you can stay in the black financially. If this is something you’re truly considering, speak with a financial advisor to find out your options and what would be the best way to make money on your investment.


“I like to offer food, coffee, treats, and water to my ancestors, and my spirit guides. Is there a certain amount of days that you should leave the offering out for them?” -L

Dear L,

It’s best to change the water and coffee daily and leave the food for at least 24 hours. When you discard a food offering never throw it in the trash. Leave it outside (in the woods somewhere if you live in a city) or bury it, and be mindful of what may be poisonous to wildlife (offerings that are poisonous to wildlife should always be buried).

“You mentioned spoiled food for an angry spirit, I don’t know if I have an angry spirit who helps me. I don’t like negative energy around me, but if I do have an angry spirit who helps me, can I let the food that I put out spoil for them? Or should I put a separate plate for them on the altar? Is it a good idea to offer anything to an angry spirit? How can you tell if you have an angry spirit around?” -Spirit Help

Dear Spirit,

You would know if you had an angry spirit helping you because you would’ve had to seek their assistance directly. Otherwise, an angry spirit you didn’t ask help from would more or less wreak havoc on your life. If you work with an angry spirit give them a separate plate for their offerings, but more importantly, ask them what they would like for an offering. You can always offer incense to the spirits, angry or not, as a safe bet. Sandalwood is one of the best incenses for offerings to spirits no matter their temperament.

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  1. WOW! I have learned a lot.

    I was throwing the food in the trash, and not changing the water daily.

    Wishing for you light and many blessings.

    Thank you so much. 💜

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