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Spirit Communication

The human fascination with the spirit world includes the notion that spirits are “out there,” distant and far from us, or behind hidden locked doors that make it difficult to communicate with the unseen. This view prevents many from recognizing the communications from spirits that occur in their lives daily. They are with us always, and it is our focus on the material world, the world of “concrete” things, that blinds us to their presence and makes their presence, when they do come through in a dramatic way, seem out of the ordinary. The otherworld exists within this world and the interaction is constant.

  • Every day when I get up in the morning I attend to the spirits. I speak love to my fiancĂ©. I attend to the spirits of my animal companions by feeding them and giving them water and pets and kind words, and to my plant companions by giving them water as needed and speaking a word of love over them. I have numerous altars where I give thanks with offerings to my ancestors, spirit animals, various deities (I honor Hekate and Venus regularly), faeries, and to the guardian spirits of this home. I also give thanks to the elementals without whom there would not be life. I do a banishing ritual every morning to keep harmful spirits away from my home and all who inhabit it. Every day I receive signs and messages in various forms and my relationships with all kinds of spirits grow.
  • All of life is spirit communication. Speaking to another human is communication between your spirit and theirs. It is the easiest to recognize because it is rather direct. Speaking to the dead is the same, the difference being that their responses are more akin to body language: subtle and easy to miss if you aren’t paying attention, and easy to dismiss and brush off even if you are paying attention.

    Communication comes in many forms and without presence of mind it is often missed. It is easy to think that the material world is the only thing that is real, and to be swept up in distraction that leaves you surprised when you encounter a being that belies what you thought was possible. Everything is spirit, we just have to look beyond the surface to recognize it.

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