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Sage Advice

This week on Sage Advice I’m answering your questions about honoring your guides and spirits!

Sage Advice is a weekly column. Send me an email at with your questions or problems for which you need advice (any topic such as love, work, finance, or questions of a spiritual nature).

“I have two altars, one for my guides and one for my ancestors. On the one for my guides I have a variety of things, dolls, glasses of water, etc. But sometimes I feel like something is missing, I’m not sure what it is. I tend to go by only my hunches. What should I do to be sure that I’m doing it right?

Should I just continue to go by my hunches?” -Uncertain

Dear Uncertain,

If you feel that something is missing in your offerings, ask your guides if there’s something more that they need and to show you a sign of what it is. It may just be that they want you to spend more time communing with them. When it comes to offerings and gifts for your guides, that intuitive nudge you get is the best indication of what to give. Continue to trust in your hunches and remember that you can always ask them what else they would like from you.


“I hear a lot about candle flames dancing to confirm your offerings. Does the flame have to move for you to know that your offerings and candles were accepted by your ancestors or guides?” -Signs

Dear Signs,

The flame of a candle can be an indicator of how the spirits feel about your offerings, but it is not always 100%. It will take trial and error to learn the way your own spirits communicate with you through fire. Often a steady flame indicates their presence, and the moving flame indicates that they want your attention, or if you ask your spirits a yes or no question the movement can indicate an answer to a question. If your spirits are unhappy with your offerings it would show in other ways in your life resembling a crossed condition in varying degrees. Typically, as long as your offerings aren’t profane to the spirits (like spoiled food – unless you’re working with some angry spirits that ask for that sort of thing) they will be accepted.

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