January 2018 New Moon Tarot Reading

Our first new moon of the new year occurs Tuesday, January 16th at 9:18PM in the sign of Capricorn. New moons are lunar new beginnings and a special time of spiritual planting to increase our overall enjoyment and fulfillment in life. Your guidance for this new moon is given with the Joie de Vivre Tarot by Paulina Cassidy and the cards I pulled for you are The Nine of Coins, The Fool, & The Four of Cups.

With the Nine of Coins we see a woman riding a beautiful bird (carrying pearls in its beak) over her field of growing flowers and coins. We begin this reading with the guidance that you should take a look at all of your accomplishments so far and give yourself credit where credit is due. Look at the life you have created for yourself, and look at your abundance in all its forms. Remain unattached but observant to all that you have in your life, including your material rewards.

The bird in this card symbolizes that spiritual perspective that keeps you on a healthy track when you’re working toward worldly goals, and the pearls in the mouth of the bird represent the spiritual wisdom you have gained from all of your toils in this world as well. Ideally, you will experience a sense of satisfaction when you look at your life and how far you have come. If you don’t gather at least some satisfaction, this is a cue to look at your perspective on things and address any internal poverty of spirit.

You are encouraged, true to earthy Capricorn, to develop your sense of healthy ambition that feeds the heart and soul as well as body and supports your autonomy. This is also a time to develop a plan for your future security and for reaching your goals. The coins along with the flowers in this card show that true accomplishment leads to contentment, not to vying for more.

With The Fool a new journey begins, auspiciously supported by the phase of the moon. This is a time when myriad possibilities and potentials present themselves to you and you will find you have choices to make. Make sure you are grounded in reality so that you can confidently trust your intuition about the right direction to go. The little bat holding on to the cloth of the Fool’s waistband symbolizes the need to pay attention the signs around you and encouragement to follow the unfamiliar path, but also- to watch where you are going. Sleepwalking through life is unadvised. This is a time for you to keep your eyes open, drink from the cup of courage, and follow your heart.

The Four of Cups draws attention to any sense of emotional dissatisfaction you may be prone to experiencing at this time, as it is a sign of what needs to change. It can also be a sign of a faulty or narrow perspective. Sometimes, we create our own heartache by fixating on one thing we feel we don’t have. This is an invitation to look deeper. What does this loss you feel you are experiencing actually represent?

The Four of Cups is a bit of the shadow side of lovely Capricorn. Fear can be paralyzing, and we can become inflexible and joyless. Be careful not to isolate or cut yourself off from all of the blessings around you due to a limiting pattern of thinking or perspective. Don’t cut yourself off at the knees by refusing to believe you can have what you want or by being unwilling to be open to the many roads to get there. Don’t lose heart before the gods have the chance to deliver. Instead, guard your heart with gratitude and adopt an optimistic view.

This new moon is a time for you to go your own way and to remain open to the good that will undoubtedly unfold for you. The world really is your oyster.

Setting New Moon Intentions

The New Moon in earthy Capricorn is a fabulous time to consider Setting New Moon Intentions – and Capricorn especially supports intentions revolving around:

-Achieving Goals and Accomplishments

-Self Discipline


-Decision Making

– Using Opportunities


-Letting go of an excessively controlling nature, which produces a lack of joy, inflexibility and fear.

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