November Oracle

We have officially moved into the dark half of the year, and the moon comes full on November 4th. The rest of the autumn and winter season will bring a heaviness that requires you to rest more. Give in to your need to rest. Go within and listen to what is happening within your heart and soul. This is a time to regroup and replenish. Let yourself have the peace and relaxation you need.

This month is also a good time to take a true look at your life and the path you are on. Where have you been fooling yourself? In what ways have you been avoiding the big issues? It’s time to come face to face with these things so that you can work through them and move on, no matter what that looks like or what it means.

This is also a fabulous month for natural magic. Although you will need rest and time to replenish yourself, and will have much to work through, you may find that things are manifesting easier for you than in the past. The more you are honest with yourself and live out of your honesty, the more you will see things easily falling into place. The important thing is to let it flow and to not get in the way of what’s happening. Be grateful, and let it unfold. The weather may be getting colder, but you still need to take time to connect with nature. You could pot some succulents to keep inside (there are some that prefer shade as well if you don’t have an a available sunny window), and you could also put up some bird feeders to attract more wildlife into your yard.

There’s no room for cutting corners when it comes to your work and any of your goals this month. If you want to create something of lasting value in your life, you need to plan for it and then take the time to execute your plan with patience. In all areas of your life you may recognize that your absolute best is demanded of you. This is a good thing, because it reminds you of your responsibility for the quality of your life. Whatever creative projects have been on the back burner would do well if you began them this month.

 Overall, there is the energy present for you to embrace a deeper confidence which will give you the joy and inspiration you need to move forward, and the work ethic to make your dreams and goals manifest.

Bright Blessings 🖤
Full Moon November 4th. 

New Moon November 18th

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