Divining For Lost Objects 

Lenormand is a fabulous oracle system to use when trying to find lost objects. With Lenormand, the more precise the question, the clearer the answer. This is paramount. Below is an example of how I used Lenormand to find something.  

Last week I lost two bracelets that were very dear to my heart- one I bought in Hawaii and one I received as a gift from my long-time penpal when we were kids. After reading for clients I was home and getting ready to wash dishes. I took my bracelets off, and then a little later I took off my rings. After I did the dishes I couldn’t find my bracelets anywhere but my rings were in the pouch of the hoodie I had changed into before doing housework. 

I checked everywhere, even the garbage in case I absentmindedly threw them away! But no luck! So tonight I pulled cards and asked three separate, clear questions. 

First: are my two bracelets in the house?

Crossroads + Dog = yes 

(Crossroads = two bracelets, Dog = loyal, nearby, and is a positive card which means yes). 

Second: What room are my bracelets in?

Book + Heart + Coffin

Hidden (Book)  in our bedroom (Heart + Coffin = where me and my boyfriend sleep). 

Third: Where in our bedroom are the bracelets hidden?

Garden + Anchor

Deep (Anchor) in a community area (Garden). 

This would be our closet. 

So, I went through the laundry basket, then recalled that I was wearing a different top with pockets the day of the reading. I checked the pockets of the top and there the bracelets were! I must have taken the bracelets off before I changed clothes when I got home, put them in a pocket, and forgot about them.  
Crazy! But I’m so happy I didn’t throw them in the trash or lose them for good! 

(The Lenormand deck pictured here is the Gilded Reverie by Ciro Marchetti). 

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  1. I love this post! I too use Lenormand to find lost items, and it works particularly well in combination with a pendulum. Quite practical!

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