I Am Not a Lightworker

My work consists of coming face to face with what hides in the shadows of the human heart and soul. With Owl Spirit as my guide I enter into the sacred darkness from which our power and life stems, just as the roots of a tree live and our nourished in the dark soil of the earth, and there I read the omens and symbols that provide revelation for you take with you into the light of the day.

I have no use for the dichotomy of light and dark, as if they are separate things that fight each other, as if one is better than the other. This notion only splinters us into pieces, separating us from ourselves. Light and dark make one whole: as above, so below, as within, so without. Positive and negative are simply poles on a spectrum, not indicative of “good” and “bad.” One is active, one is receptive. Both are powerful and necessary. Just as in our world, in others, malefic beings exist and act along with agents of good will. There is not only light beyond us, but also great darkness. Darkness is essential to growth, it is where we originate- the womb is as dark to us as the ground is to the seed.

Embracing the sacred darkness is seeing in a mirror darkly, it is scrying by the light of the moon for mystical truth. We must give ourselves the space for the passionate truths we emote to come into our understanding without judgment or shame.

The sacred dark is the birth place of the warrior, it is from where ferocity and great protection emerge. It is where wisdom hides, intuition originates, and where our deepest nature directs our actions. It is the earth we live on: a spectre of the divine mind which calls us to recognize the beauty in the dense material reality that connects us with ourselves and with each other.

I work with the chthonic in the underworld learning the wisdom of the way. Deep magic comes from this place of darkness and cannot be known without venturing there.

I am a daughter of the moon, of the great goddess Hecate who with her torch lights the way.

I am not a light worker.

I am a witch.

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