New Moon Rituals

I usually share a message for the new moon every month (which is coming tomorrow), but in addition to that I wanted to share with you some ritual ideas and tips for wellbeing. 

The moon is a powerful force of energy for us to work with, and the new moon (or dark moon) is a new slate, the beginning of a new cycle. This is an excellent time for divination, among other practices. 

Setting Intentions 

Intentions set at this time often take time to manifest (more than one moon cycle), as the new moon and waxing crescent is a less immediate energy. It’s a good time for intentions that focus on long-term or larger goals that will take a bit of time to come into being. 

Smudging Your Home 

In addition to the ritual of setting intentions every new moon, it is also a good time to smudge your house with sage and then set your intention for the the energy within your dwelling. Smudging with sage clears out stagnant energy and makes space for new. You can essentially put the intention into your dwelling for the energy within your home to support you in all of your endeavors and in your wellbeing. Focus your mind on what you want your home to feel like and what you want to experience in order to accomplish this. This doesn’t need to be done every new moon, but it is a good idea to do it at least twice a year (spring equinox and autumn equinox new moons are excellent times). 


Place a satchet of Rosemary by your doors for protection. Sweep incorrect energy out the door. Add live plants to your decor (this will enhance the energy you set for your home). If you’re in the northern hemisphere as I am and find yourself moving into autumn, there are shade succulents that are perfect to keep indoors and away from drafty windows. 

Stock Your Cupboards

The new moon is an excellent time to grocery shop. It seems mundane, but stocking your cupboards on the new moon supports the energy of abundance. If you can, don’t just stock your own cupboards- give something to the local food shelf. 

In Conclusion… 

So, that’s all I’ve got for you this time around. If nothing else, hopefully these tips and ritual ideas inspired you to do some good for yourself and for others. 🖤

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