What It Means To Be A Witch

Recently a client asked me what it means to be a witch, and like most questions pertaining to my life and work I didn’t have a perfunctory answer. It’s important to understand that this question will have a different answer depending on which witch you ask, so all I can do is answer for myself as I’ve endeavored to do with this post. 

Being a witch is being in tune with the magic within and around me. It is a life serenaded by the lullaby of the wind, the spirit of the seasons, the life force permeating all of existence. 

It is activity: practicing herbalism, living as an oracle, infusing all of my life with magical intention, and recognizing that there is no such thing as the “mundane.” It is understanding the spiritual symbolism of the natural world and working within the truth contained therein. 

It is paradox and duality. I am not “new age.” I do not believe that only love and light exist. I recognize the shadow that exists within each of us. I recognize the existence of malevolent energies and beings. I recognize the power and ferocity of angels. And I recognize the fickle, fun and mischevious nature of the Faery folk who have been companions of mine since childhood.  

My path is one of constant learning. It is a path of wisdom. It is honoring the eternal within, and taking seriously the divine ordination of creator in thought, word, emotion and deed. I realize the power I hold inside to create my quality of life, and as a witch it is my responsibility to never give that power away. 

I uphold the tenets of honesty, love, beauty and joy. 

Being a witch means being magical and being true. You cannot be one without the other. ❤️

3 thoughts on “What It Means To Be A Witch”

  1. I really like how you said this! I have been really exploring my spiritual path for the last year and Witch comes up often but I shy away from the label every time! One of co-Admin on a spiritual group

    1. When people want to know what I believe specifically I tell them I’m a spiritual bag lady because I don’t follow any one religion. Since witchcraft is a practice, it allows me the space to evolve my beliefs, which at this point in my life is an enmeshment of many different teachings. I’m a witch because I practice witchcraft, which is also a way of being. 😊

      Your path is deeply personal. As long as you are true to yourself it doesn’t matter what label, if any, you use. ❤️

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