Full Moon Oracle September 2017

Great healing is possible this full moon, but it is up to you to make it happen. Below is your Oracle reading for the full moon. May you find what you need. 💚

There is peace and tranquility that come from living honestly, from being truthful about your feelings, dreams, desires, and needs. It is important to peel back the layers of shoulds and instead, to look at what is. There is no use lamenting what isn’t, because you can’t work with it. Instead, look at what is true for you. Look at what truths you have been hiding from yourself and others, and then make yourself transparent. Honesty looks out at you from the cards with compassionate eyes. He sees you as you truly are, and he loves you. It is time for you to see yourself as you truly are, and to love you too. 

Get into your body through movement and meditation. With true seeing and embracing your truth, your personal power will expand. You need to be rooted within your physical being in order to make the most of the creative energy within. Don’t ignore your physical needs. Embrace them. Himself reminds you of the joy of being within the limits of the body. He says you must also take responsibility for your life, for your actions, for what you have created for yourself, and accept your power (no one else is to blame for the way things are for you right now). Taking responsibility puts your power back in your own hands. 

The messages of Honesty and Himself culminate in the Singer of the Chalice, who pours forth trust, compassion, joy patience, kindness, and unconditional love. All you have to do to receive these gifts is be open. Being open is a simple as saying “I am open” and letting go, letting yourself receive. These energies are qualities that we consider to be part of our personalities (or absent from our personalities), but they are not. They are energies that flow through us (or around us) and we can receive them at any time. 

Full Moon Blessings! 

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