Tarot Reading at Foster Fest 2017

This Saturday (September 2nd) I’ll be at Foster Fest giving tarot readings ($40 for 30 minutes) from 11AM-3PM. I’m extremely excited for this event (which goes until 9PM) for many reasons, one of which is the bean bag tournament I hope to partake in after I’m done offering readings. The main reason I’m excited though, is because Foster Fest is a music festival featuring local musicians for the benefit of Mission 21, a local nonprofit that fights child sex trafficking. 

Foster Fest is a free event but Mission 21 is taking free will donations. Mission 21 not only fights the pervasive slavery of sex trafficking, it is an organization that helps those who have been exploited receive the help they need. Many people are unaware that sex trafficking occurs in their own backyard. It’s everywhere, it’s largely unseen, and it is a reality that needs to break into the collective conscious so that we can put an end to it. 

Sexual exploitation and violence is something that has affected every single one of us either personally or through the experience of someone we know and love. We are all connected and we have a sacred calling to protect each other and to protect the littles and keep them safe. Mission 21 is an organization close to my heart doing legitimately good work on behalf of humanity. They need our support.

You can learn more about Mission 21 and how you can help here

Local musicians Oliver Books (my boyfriend yay!), Cole Ebertowski and Clay Ebertowksi are the organizers for this festival and they’ve got a fabulous lineup of musicians including Booksie and the Pages, The Shift, The 9th Planet Out, Thomas and the Shakes, the D’Sievers and more. There will be delicious food and drink (Kinney Creek Brewery, Mac’s Cafe & Café Steam) and other local artisans and vendors to check out while there. It’s a child friendly event that is totally worth your time this Saturday. And of course, come see me for a reading! 


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