Working with Lenormand

Something cool I would like to share with you are these Lenormand cards. I bought this beautiful handmade deck on Etsy, it’s called the Clair De Lune Lenormand. 

I’ve been working with Lenormand for a while now. It’s a fixed fortune telling system and each card has specific meanings all dependent upon the context of the question. It’s very different from tarot in that you need zero intuition to read these cards, and the images on the cards do not provide any extra insight into the reading. It’s important you know grammar in order to read these cards, because they read like a sentence. 

When a person working with Lenormand becomes proficient in the language of the cards, they can read them quickly and at a glance with ease, just as if they had become adept at reading another language. 

Lenormand is a very direct, very simple way to tell fortunes and/or gain insight into a situation. 

Part of getting to know these cards is practicing with them daily, by pulling three cards with the intention that they will mirror something that happens in your day. Then, you pay attention to what you experience (big and small) to see how the cards apply. This helps you learn the nuances of each card and build your Lenormand vocabulary. Sometimes I get to the end of the day and I am stumped by the cards I pulled. Sometimes, it’s very obvious. 

Each card has a set of general meanings, but you build on these meanings by understanding them in context. 

I took a photo of the 3 cards I pulled for today to give you an example of what they could potentially indicate.

Ring can be a literal ring, a contract/agreement, some kind of union, or something cyclical. 

Key can be a literal key, something important or necessary, answers, revelations 

Mountain can be a literal mountain, obstacles, delays, or something heavy. 

Ring + Key + Mountain 

My general interpretation is that this could mean:

A ring of keys that is heavy (very literal) 


An important contract is delayed 


A commitment is delayed out of necessity. 

It could also mean something I haven’t figured out yet. I’ll figure it out by the end of the day, of course, but you get the idea. These are very fun to work with and make predictions with. As always, though, it’s important when making predictions to remember that the future can change and that you can influence much of what happens in your life

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