What We Can Learn from the Solar Eclipse 

The moon turns new in Leo on Monday, the day of the solar eclipse. There is a lot of talk about the astrological significance of the solar eclipse, what it means for politics and peace, what it means for you and me. Words like “super charged” and “a shift in energy” float about, hinting at something that feels more like a phantom feeding on our desire for change than anything else.  

I’m not an astrologer, but I think we can discern our own meanings from this experience. Whether we are able to witness the eclipse or not it affects us as everything in life does. We are not removed from the effects of the world and the actions of others. 

The mutable water energy of the moon is emphasized over the ambitious fire energy of the sun, teaching us about the power of allowing, receiving, and resting. The moon blots out the light of the sun, but in a lunar eclipse the light of the moon is emphasized. This too, is a lesson on how we use our energy and the values we prize in life. It is a lesson about power.

The new moon which rules the night in utter darkness will become a shroud on the light of day.  The clarity of the sun will be concealed by the ruler of illusion. Leo dances while straddling the conscious and subconscious, sending our ghosts and heroes after us, bringing us face to face with our falsehoods and our truths, with our generosity and our miserliness. 

Purity of heart is demanded, lest we fall prey to the shadows within. Our beloved sun and moon are showing us the way to better understanding and wholeness.

Darkness gets its day, and the light returns and asks us what we will make of it. What will we create from what has been revealed to us? What will we do differently? How can we better engage with and accept and integrate the parts of ourselves that we are uncertain about, that we would prefer to reject? And what significance will this total self-acceptance have on the world? 

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