Reading Tea Leaf Fortune Cards

I recently purchased tea leaf fortune cards, which is a set of 200 cards with different symbols found in traditional tea leaf readings. The types of readings you can do with these cards is limited, but true to my nature I did all of them in one night. 

Because that’s super healthy. 

Anyway, they’re more or less long-term in telling fortunes, so I’m waiting for the end of this week to review the cards I pulled and to see how they match up to my experiences (the weekly reading is the shortest guaranteed time-frame for the use of these cards). If I jive with these cards over time I may add this reading option as a supplementary to the readings I already give to clients. 

Pictured above is a photo of my weekly reading. Broken Wishbone, Turkey, and Broken Ring had me like “what?” about this week, but it doesn’t do to dwell or worry. Plus these are new to me, so I’m not staking as much trust in accuracy on them as I do with tarot. I’m approaching it more as a learning experience where I’m getting to know these cards and witnessing my life instead of getting super dramatic about it. Mostly. 

In many ways the cards have made me more mindful of how I act. As you can see, one of the cards I pulled was “turkey” which means stupidity will affect my life either through my own actions or the actions of others. 

So this has been me all week: 

It’s good advice though, really. 

I recognized the synchronicity in the message of the “Forest” card immediately on Monday and Tuesday when I couldn’t seem to navigate some brain frog. I’ll still have to wait and see on the rest of the cards, though.

It’s interesting that card order doesn’t matter in reading these cards. Instead, it’s about learning to intuitively draw and read parallels because some cards will complete a message and some may stand on their own. It’s in some ways more akin to how I already read cards (I almost never use card spreads that have fixed positions- the closet is usually “past present future” and even that is malleable). 

So, we’ll see how it all goes. Since I did all the spreads (yearly, weekly, and astral house per the guidebook) I’ll be doing a lot of checking in and checking back. I do love the art on these cards, and they were packaged nicely. I’m actually going to keep the box it all came in. 

This post turned out to be more review-like than I expected when I set out to write it, so to wrap it up if you think these look interesting I’d say give them a shot. If you hate working with them you could always turn them into awesome fridge magnets. 

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