Faery Tidings for the Aquarius Full Moon 

This full moon in Aquarius asks you to look at your support system and all the ways in which you are connected, and to be totally honest with yourself about how these connections are serving you and serving others. 

Are you considering collaboration? The Friends ask you to make sure you have a solid team of people who all share the same vision and are willing to utilize their skills to work together with you to make this vision a reality. 

The Singer of Connection reminds you of your spiritual connections, and of the truth that we are all connected. This full moon highlights the need to make sure you are not neglecting your higher self and spirituality. Recognizing that you are not truly an isolated being, and that your actions affect not only yourself but others, is important at this time.  

Honesty asks you to take a really good look at yourself, your life, your loves and your goals. He asks you to consider where you are giving your energy and whether or not those relationships and endeavors are actually a good use of your energy, and what needs to change. He’s saying it’s time to make some changes, and that it’s important for you to make sure that from this point on, all your choices and endeavors harmonize with your inner truth and the vision born of that truth for your life. 

The faeries want you to remember this full moon that real friendships are mutually supportive, that you are never ever alone, and that being true to yourself is the cornerstone of experiencing a fulfilling life. There is healing available in honest and truth within, and in honest and true connections with honest and true people.

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