July New Moon Message

Tomorrow’s new moon occurs in Leo at 4:47AM and there not everything is what it seems. If you’ve been juggling many things, it will all come to a head with this new moon. It’s time to see what goes and what stays. You can make something out of the chaos if you’re willing to believe in the impossible and check your expectations at the door. Everything is subject to change at the last minute, without warning, and if you’re able to move with the changes and accept things for what they are, accept yourself for who you are, you can still make something amazing out of it all. Fluidity is essential to make the most of this energy.

Roaring Leo demands some creativity and fun, calling to your inner fire and stirring your passions, so begin making real plans and efforts toward new adventures and your creative ideas. This new moon brings an energy of limitless possibilities and it’s imperative you allow your mind to stretch beyond old ideas of what you can and can’t do or accomplish, recognizing that you can, in fact, do the impossible. The world is your playground.

The faeries suggest lightheartedness, laughter, and checking the “life is solemn” attitude at the door. Life is play just as much as it is anything else. Make joy the order of the day, the foundation for all that you do. This is a time of new beginnings and you are deeply encouraged not to be boring and mundane in your intentions, but instead to dig into the well of dreams that energize you and make you excited about life, trusting that all else will simply fall into place.
Be bold!

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