July Full Moon Message 

Happy full moon in Capricorn! For this reading, Nelys the Alchemist, The Maiden, and Epona’s Wild Daughter are the harbingers lighting our way. 

You can expect this full moon to bring a sweeping wind of change through your life. If you’ve felt stuck in any way, things will begin to move and transformation will occur, possibly in unexpected ways. Go with the flow. Old attitudes must fall away to make room for the new. 

This full moon heralds a new beginning as well. Ideas will start to come up from underground and you’ll have every reason to be optimistic about the future. Sprouts of joy are all around you, filling your life. This is a time of liberation, and of newness, but you must also pay attention to the troubled aspects as well. What still needs healing in your life? You can’t escape it, you must instead go deeper into the shadow. But don’t worry, you are not alone. Dorcha, who is Epona’s Wild Daughter, is with you and protects you on your journey inward. The owl is your eyes, giving you clarity as to what must be healed. 

This full moon is a time of new beginnings and transformation born out of the tumultuous journey within. Whatever you have been avoiding will come face to face with you. The promise of freedom and growth is on the other side of your inner confrontation. Be courageous, retain your optimism, and remember that you are not alone. 


Jessica 🌝🦋💚

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